Monday, July 28, 2014

Navy Pleats

40 DAYS  Was the number of days I've not updated my blog. Argh!! Wasn't it just like about.. 5 days ago since I last updated? (I mean.. of course I was just exaggerating that..) But in all honesty it was just exactly how fast I felt that my time went by. Would never have imagined NOT updating my blog for such a long period of time. No matter how busy I was even during my university's examination period, I made it a point to share about my daily happenings every couple of days. But now, the funny thing is that I have too many things going on my plate and well... blogging just slipped away. I'm SORRY! (I have never meant to neglect my little diary with all my heart)

Tee hee. Okay now that I feel less of the guilt hanging around at the back of my chest, let's get going! Been up to a billion things, one of which is that I've gotten my hair re-colored at Shunji Matsuo @ 313 again. Remember how I experimented with a completely different look in ash blonde two months ago? That was pretty while it lasted before it slowly faded into yellow blonde.. (always the issue with Asian hair huhu) so I went back and changed my color twice this month. Had opted for a purplish black color initially but that didn't came out too well, so I decided to lightened it again. Right now it's in a shade of light brown with just a little bit of green tinge in it, which I honestly think it's quite an interesting shade of brown actually, don't you think? Plus, I've bleached my hair previously so the color's just changing on me every day. (Bonus!)

With me running out for appointments everyday I'm also slowly realising that those babydoll dresses and shorts of mine are not going to work for me anymore. That means I'm going to have to get more clothes! (No, I swear that's not an excuse which I came up with to go shopping)  First impressions are what everything counts so it's kind of a little nerve wrecking thing to decide what to wear and dress up every morning.. It's not exactly funny when you're discussing business and the person sitting opposite you is wondering if you're under-aged.. ... 

SO, I'm set to get more chic and classy looking ladies wear. Those floral prints are going to have to wait.., time to explore more with color blocking! With my busy busy schedule I'm just going to do everything online and shop on some of my favourite stores like Zalora Singapore. Really, really dig shopping on Zalora because there's just super awesome deals and promo going on every couple of days and there's so many different brands which they have under their roof. American Apparel.. Mango.. River Island.. and the list goes on. It's almost becoming a one stop portal for me, hehe. Had just checked out my shopping cart and I'm already excited to show you guys what I bought! 

And on a side note, how have you guys been? I hope everyone is doing great. I really miss blogging (after so long) and I'm going to make sure I'm keeping up with everything here - that's a promise. In the meanwhile, here's wishing everyone a very blessed and happy Hari Raya holiday with your loved ones!



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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dressed in Pink

Pictures by KJ
MID-WEEK  Aloha guys! Wow, it really feels good to be back on my blog. It really do. I've been trying my very best to do regular updates, but when I'm finally home at the end of day I kinda gave in to the temptation of having a little rest on the bed... well, that was the original plan, until it turned into a sleep! Whoops. I've been really busy up to my tippy little toes, always running for appointments and workshops right from the morning all the way till night falls. Everything is good except that I'm still having a little difficulty trying to adjust my schedule to fit everything in, haha!

The only thing that's bugging me at the back of my mind is that I have no idea why I've been falling sick pretty often lately. Just recovered from a bout of flu not too long ago and I had to get another upset stomach yesterday. (Trust me, that's not exactly the most exciting thing to happen..) I couldn't decide if the 2 hours worth of tossing and turning around in bed at 4am was worse, or the bout of nausea that keeps coming back. Thankfully!! I'm getting much better today so I guess it's time for a little rain check on my (slightly) unhealthy food choice. It makes me realise that I've been taking my health for granted on good days.. and when the bug hits me it's really super duper bad. I'm just thankful to have KJ who drove over to my house immediately at 5am in the morning just to take care of me!

June has also been an unbelievably, unforgivingly, smothering hot... month. After KJ and I shot these pictures about two weeks ago, I happily instagrammed about the sweater weather (doesn't the words already sounds so good together).. BUT, unfortunately the cooler weather didn't came back any more. Why oh why? So on that lucky day I was wearing this baby pink short dress (yes I'm pretty sure it's going to be a dress if I can be a little more petite) and it was casual look pulled together with a red jacket and my pair of white creepers.

I would love to tell you girls where I got the dress from because I really think that's kinda cute, but the thing is that I got it out from my cousin's wardrobe (and she doesn't have a second piece anymore). Hur hur hur okay enough of my bad jokes, please be nice. Well so you girls know all about the Carousell app right? My cousin was just posting pictures after pictures of clothes which she didn't need anymore and so, I thought I'll just pop by her house and do what we always do - we exchanged our clothes! That's really one of the best part to cousin-hood, I swear.

In all sense of seriousness, I've also fallen deep in love with babydoll dresses.. I got a whole lot of them in my wardrobe (not a joke) and I just keep wearing them over and over again. They are like the perfect blend of smart casual and casual wear which I find them so incredibly easy to dress up and down in (tip: just with a change between flats and heels). Will definitely be sharing about it with you girls in my next post! Meanwhile, I'm off to catch some rest tonight and I hope you guys have a great mid-week ahead!