Friday, January 9, 2015

Candilicious Nails | Pink Mood

Sponsored Post /  Pictures by KJ
HAPPY NEW YEAR  Aloha! It's start of the New Year and I'm writing about my new set of nails from Shanice at Candilicious Nails again. Woah, my previous post was also about my manicure and it's pretty bewildering how one month passes just like that. In a blink of an eye. And I still have lots to catch up with you guys! While you are reading this post I'll also probably be on my way to the airport to catch my flight to Taipei (hehe). I promise to update whenever time permits me to - I'll be more regular on Instagram @Justjaslin so you guys can also follow me on my IG account here!

For a change this month, I went for darker colors and look at the super incredible camo prints that Shanice did for me in pink! It was finished with some matt gloss and I think my finger nails are looking pretty cool themselves haha. 

Was intending to schedule this post slightly later, but I remembered that Shanice has just released her booking slots for Chinese New Year not too long ago so I want to quickly put it up and share with you ladies - all the details are at the bottom of the post! Slots are taken up pretty fast so please whatsapp here if you would like to get a booking for yourself too!

P.S. For the month of January, you can mention my name to enjoy a cool 10% off all gelish manicure services at Candilicious Nails (Shanice's contact is 9431 4895)

Feel free to drop Shanice a whatsapp text at (65) 9431 4895 for any inquiries.

Address: 713 Yishun Street 71 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Candilicious Nails | Christmas

CHRISTMASSY-MOOD  Think I just invented that word and it's just around the corner!!!!! December is my favourite month of the year because everywhere you go.. there'll be Christmas carols playing in the malls (and in my ears because I just realised that there's tonnes of Christmas playlists on Youtube all downloaded into my phone). So yeah hehe. Was just about to head to bed for tonight and that's when I realised I totally forgot to blog about my new set of manicure done with Shanice! Oops, memory's getting bad.. but point is that they are totally awesome!

Working with Shanice for these three months, I realise that she is all about gut feelings when it comes to exploring and drawing new designs. What's even more amazing is that her designs always turn out so pretty! Every. Single. Time.

I've got a halloween theme for October, a pastel chart for November... and now it's a Christmas on my nails. It's like my nails are having celebrations too hahaa. (Lucky nails!) Talking about creativity, I even spotted a mini sized 3D gingerbread man that she made as a nailart embelishment from scratch for one of her customer! Now I'm just regretting why hadn't I took a picture of it because the level of cuteness is just ooover the roof. Christmas is still about a week away so there's still time for a manicure!

Shanice has a Christmas promo till end of this month - selected Xmas design gelish mani that's just priced at $60!

P.S. Remember to mention the code "Jaslin60" when you contact Shanice at 9431 4895! 

Candilicious Christmas Manicure Promotion!
Till end of Dec 2014, choose any of the above set of gelish manicure at just $60.
(Remember to quote Jaslin60!)

Just feel free to drop Shanice a whatsapp text at (65) 9431 4895 for any inquiries.

Address: 713 Yishun Street 71