Late nights

Okay, I shouldn't be here. Or so I keep telling myself because after all - it's 1.15am early in the wee hours and it's a working day tomorrow later. But just look at my newly refreshed blog! I am totally in love. I had no idea that blogger templates can be so.... what's the correct word.. nice? Or advanced? Okay maybe less so on the advanced part because it's not much of technology as per se, but just that I didn't know that a blog hosted on Blogger can look so good?
Well because compared to Wordpress, there are always so many of my friends who swore by Wordpress on its flexibility to customise every single widget (and the list goes on), as compared to being limited to a certain extent for a blog hosted on Blogger. Personally I've been onto Wordpress platform too, but my verdict is that it is all greek to me. Definitely a nope for me.
So anyway, I'm still configuring and coding the last few remaining items here and there, but I already can't wait to blog! Evidently from my enthusiasm to write at 2am. I am so going to regret this when I wake up later in the morning.
It was Labour Day today and in celebration of this public holiday, I labored the day away as usual being buried deep into my laptop. Was just reading Smith's blog the other day about how being busy with work is becoming a very convenient excuse for everything else and it kind of hit me in the gut too. SO HERE I AM.
May is going to be a very challenging month for me with quite a number of upcoming events, but I'm not complaining! Just a little rant here and there on my insta-story last week because I got so stressed out. I want a bit of me-time to myself like most people do too - to squander my time on watching TV series after work.. having a nice drink at Starbucks and just watch the world go by on weekends.. or to go out explore new places and sit down for nice meal in a cafe. Guess what I really need is a pause button. I don't want time to fly by just like that.

Okay I just caught myself dozing off abit so off I go to catch some shuteye. Goodnight world.

Chapter 2017: Goodbye and Hello 2018

YEAR 2017 Oh look its my blog! After 9 whole months of blogging hiatus. Not that I've forgotten about my blog (not any fat chance that I will) - its just how things have gotten so busy for me this entire year and it's getting really hard to find a proper time to sit down and pen a post. I've been up to so many things and with the year-end approaching in eight days (can you believe I actually took more than a week to finish up this post) yesterday, I wanted to keep a log of all my milestones / things I've been up to this entire year (just so I can tell myself that I haven't wasted any of my youth in vain hahaha).

Turned 25 a couple of months ago, and the so called #quarterlifecrisis is real as ever. It's like, didn't I just celebrated my 21st and graduated from university not too long ago?? I can no longer say that I'm in my early twenties (an unfriendly hello to mid and late twenties) AND even my BFF is married. You can now hear my deep, audible sigh of sadness.

I have come to an acceptance now.

So let's talk about things one at a time. (This is going to be a super long winded one-year summary of my life and you are in for a ride because writing summaries are not exactly the best of my strengths haha)


I would say this year has been off from a rocky start. The whole economy was in a really bad shape from the beginning of the year. Quite a handful of my friends lost their jobs (hello, we're talking about being retrenched at the age of 20s). And at the same point of time, I tendered my resignation to my boss as well because things wasn't quite working out for me. Let me tell you it was so darn hard to get any job interview. I trawled through hundreds of job postings on Jobsbank, Jobstreet, and even sent my CV directly to a few companies but yet no one rang me up. (I'm in the events line if you are wondering).

It was a really difficult period - I was already serving my notice period and yet I haven't secured my next job. It spells unemployment and hey, bills are not going to pay for themselves you know. I remembered how I broke down when I was discussing my options with Chris and he was like "get your figures and numbers together first". Well, Chris is an auditor so that's him being all logical and numerical haha.

Eventually, I decided that I might as well venture out on my own and give my very darnest best. Chris - my very best supporter - then got me a Macbook Air as a present and encouragement to kick start everything. A proper laptop at long last! (I was still using my 9 years old laptop..) 

It was in March that I started out my own events company "Petite Events" - the very reason why I stopped blogging that month - and slogged day and night behind my desk to make sure I'll survive out there on my own (where got so easy to get business meh..!?)

Somehow and somewhat, I made it through event after event, month after month, and I even have a little office space of my own. *proud grin* I really, really, can't be more thankful and proud of myself for all the events I have delivered over the last nine months.

I have also come to realise that being employed and being self-employed is two vastly different things. For example, let's put it into context:

One of the most common comments I get when chatting with others is: "waaa,.. that means you don't have to wake up at 6am every morning for work, and no stress from any boss at all."

Yes that is true, but that is only about 10% of what you see. - cue laugh cry emoji - While I do get to sleep in a little later every morning, what most people don't see is that work never, ever, ever ends. You don't get to "switch off" or "tune out of work" everyday after 6pm. Imagine a little voice at the back of your head nudging you constantly about all the things that needs to be remembered, done and completed 24/7.

And then there's the countless hours poured in after working hours in the office; how I always laugh a little when I hear Jean Danker over the radio saying she's going to accompany your drive home after work from 5pm; how I scrambled to try and find a way out of the office building at 3am because all corridor lights and servicing lifts have long been shut down; the midnight hours spent setting up events in shopping mall atriums up till 5am; the dizzy spells now and then from exhaustion; and how tough things can get at times because there is no one else but yourself to depend on in order to get things going and done.

There is 0 margin for error. (zero, nil, kosong)

Of course I don't bombard the person back with the entire essay as above lah. I'll just always reply that its a different kind of stress.


They say, that one stream of income is never enough. And that is why I am consistently working on my Plan B ever since I graduated from Uni as an Amway Business Owner. (And I love it!!!) It's funny how some friends and readers have came to "warn me" about the perils of being involved in MLMs ever since I shared on my blog that I am developing my Amway business.

Which I don't blame them - I know that they are genuinely concerned - because there are probably hundreds of MLM companies in Singapore (you know, that one friend who never contacts you at all who invites you out for a friendly coffee session all of a sudden..)

I majored in business studies and a business owner myself - I am not one who doesn't do my research. It's just that I haven't really spoke much about it on my blog thus far. All because a), it's hard to explain to someone with deep-seated mindsets and b), I simply do not have the time laa haha.

Whenever I am not occupied with work, I will be out on makeup assignments.. running appointments.. picking up orders.. coupled that with my weekly Sunday affairs with my favourite bunch, 7 days a week is pretty packed to the brim.

Personally speaking and to be very honest, I am so darn proud to be an Amway ABO. I have grown as a person and learnt so many new skills in this environment. I learned to be a makeup artist, learnt about skincare knowledge and facial skills, how to take care of my own health and even fun things like cooking!

Best of all is the extra income every month 😛 (What's there not to like you tell me??)


Celebrated my 25th this year by getting my Open Water Diver license at Tioman Island! If you ask me what's one #YOLO thing I did in my life, this would be it. Because I have this morbid fear of being underwater in the sea - even though yes, I know how to swim - but diving is a whole different story.

I got my license together with Chris and a bunch of newly made friends, with Melanie as the most patient and best instructor anyone can has throughout the entire course. There's so much to blog about it so I'm gonna keep it seperately for another post.


For Ed Sheeran!!!! Which is a really huge thing, because going to concerts was never a thought that crossed my mind in the past. I simply don't get the idea why would someone pay hundreds of dollars just to see a singer sing live for 2-3 hours? It's equivalent to a month's worth of food expenditure, or 42 sets of McSpicy meal from Mcdonalds, or round trip air tickets to Bangkok for a shopping spree. Whichever you resonates most with.

Now I'm that "someone".

Simply because I haven't liked a singer that much in the past. I even picked up guitar just to learn how to play his songs (hahaha). Then, I heard that he was coming to Singapore for his Asia Divide tour but guess who got stuck in Sistic's virtual waiting room forever?? Even when they released the second date for his show in Singapore, you would need probably twelve fairy god-mothers WITH all the stars aligned in your universe to get through the virtual waiting room.

Long story short, nope no tickets. And it was a stab to my heart each time I hear the radio DJs mentioning about his upcoming sold-out concert. I get about 10 to 15 stabs on a daily basis, so thank you Class 95FM.

2 days before his concert, I was doing my OT in the office when I heard that Sistic just released extra side view tickets for Ed Sheeran's concert. And you can totally imagine yours truly who sprawled  across the office to rush to my laptop. GUESS WHO GOT HER TICKETS!!

Off I went for my first ever concert by myself!! (Chris happened to be away on a diving trip that weekend) but still, it was one of my best nights ever.


For Ed Sheeran!!!! Again!! Isn't it just crazy? So here's how it went down briefly:

*Me getting my dinner takeaway the night after Ed Sheeran's concert and texting my man while I was waiting*


Him: What's your plans like next week?

Me: Hmm, gonna be busy all the way till Wednesday.. 2 proposals on hand to rush out by Tuesday and an event to deliver on Wednesday. Why?

Him: Do you have to be there personally on Wednesday? Or how about Tuesday - anytime to squeeze out?

Me: Wednesday's completely out but maybe I can rearrange to squeeze time out on Tuesday. Why??

Him: I got a hold tickets for Ed Sheeran's concert in KL - can you make it? I'll get you air tickets to fly you over to KL and a morning flight back on Wednesday.


OMG YESSSSS. So I churned day and night and burnt the midnight oil during that very night and the following day on Monday to finish all the work I have on hand. And there I was - took the first flight in to Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday (concert was at Axiata Arena in KL), and took the first flight out back to Singapore the very next morning to run an event in the noon.

Malaysia's crowd is wayyyy more happening than Singapore's! Like the entire concert hall was filled full of voices that sang along with the songs. One thing that's different is that no one stands up if you are seated at the section with seats - Chris says that no one does that in Malaysia. Where in Singapore, everyone was seated in the beginning but we were all on our feet dancing along to each and every song towards the second half of the concert.

 Enjoyed every bit of it and thank you for pampering me to the moon and back Chris ♥️


Oh this was such a tricky affair because my mum has such the tendency to say 'No' to almost everything that I propose - especially when it comes to changing out furniture in my room. Trying to get a 'Yes' takes about two months of concise thought and detailed planning, and catching her in a good mood at a good time to increase the probability of an "Let me think about it"; and another additional month of persuasion to change that to an "Okay".

In this case, I mapped out my entire room down to the very last square centimeter and even went on to do a 3D rendering of my room to 'substantiate my proposal' that this loft from Ikea can, and will fit well into my room. Lol. Yes, I really did that.

It wasn't going to fit height wise for a regular HDB room so a friend of mine actually helped me to cut off 16cm off the legs and it's just perfect! I get to walk right underneath without hitting my head on the frame, and I get to sit on the top of the loft without knocking my head on the ceiling. Turned the bottom of the loft into a full fledged nua-zone filled with lots of pillows and blankets and my life is officially completed. I can netflix and sleep at the same time.

YEAR 2017

2017 has been off to a rough start but I'm so glad that things are all falling into place now. It has been a year filled with constant changes, but it is also these very changes that made me grow as an individual; changed the way I look at certain things; and pushed my boundaries out of my comfort zone.

Here's to another year filled with milestones in 2017 and onwards to 2018!

P.S. Tomorrow's date will be 2nd Jan 2017 2018.

Holy cat, I am one year older wiser again....... Hello 26.

Pop Smile Teeth Whitening Review

POP SMILE TEETH WHITENING It's been about 3 years since I last bade my farewell to braces! Though I no longer have to fret about messy or unaligned teeth, the next thing that is always on my mind comes to taking good care of my oral health and how to whiten up my smile. Albeit my feat of sitting on the dental chair......, I still drag myself to go for regular dental scaling and polishing every 6 months (always a dreadful thing...).

Hence over the span of the last 3 years, I have also went for professional teeth whitening twice. One of which I have blogged before about my teeth whitening experience (here). Well if you are lazy to read about my old granny's tale, basically I finally plucked up the courage to give teeth whitening a go about one-and-a-half year post braces. Reason why I had delayed it was so long? It was because I scared myself after googling extensively about it and some stories about how teeth-whitening gives you sensitive gums and what not. (I was young and naive, please forgive me).

My first experience was a sponsored treatment by the aesthetic clinic back in April 2015 and well, it turned out to be a pretty pleasant experience! My teeth was at a whopping shade of 32!

Hello, look at me.

Someone who doesn't smoke nor drink, had neither any sip of coffee for her entire life had a shade of 32 for her teeth. (embarrassing fact,. I know.) The good thing was that my teeth took very well to the teeth whitening session - the result of my first professional LED teeth whitening treatment had my shade lightened by a good 16-shades. *flashes my smile

But just like all things of the universe, nothing is everlasting (sob). Due to dietary factors, personal oral hygiene and the biological structure of every individual's tooth enamel, the results of teeth whitening are bound to fade with time.

Therefore about one and a half years later in August 2016, I went back to the same aesthetic clinic to have my teeth whitened again. Though I'm not 100% sure that it was the same clinic (as they had their name changed), but every thing from the process of filling up the registration form to the dental teeth whitening process was the same.

I did the same teeth chart comparison and my teeth was at shade 24 then. Albeit a costly price tag, my teeth went up by about 10 shades on my second visit!

So on this second visit, I went as a paying customer and I had to say my visit was less than pleasant. Why? Reason because I was instantly quoted double the amount when I sat down in the consultation room - as compared to what was conveyed to me over the phone when I called in to inquire.

That aside, the consultant lady showed me a series of photos and picture reviews to convince me to sign up a 10-sessions package (excuse me, it was an amount of over S$4,000 which we are talking about). I was already upset enough about the doubled treatment fee, and now you are up-selling me a few thousand dollars package.

Really, it was just a bad experience overall that I told myself I would rather keep a look out for home teeth whitening treatment kits in future instead.

So a few months passed until Pop Smile approached me and asked if I would like to try their Home Teeth Whitening Kit (priced $99) and of course I had to say yesss. Few days later and this baby appeared on my doorstep.

With this kit lasting you for about 9 applications, it consists of:

1 x 6 Bulb Mini LED Device
2 x Whitening Trays
1 x Mouthguard Case
3 x Peroxide-free Whitening Gels
5 x Pre-Treatment Swabs
1 x Teeth Whitening Pen

User Instructions + Teeth Shade Goals

Pop Smile, unlike other teeth whitening brands out there, is 99% natural, peroxide-free. With patented pre-treatment and a little LED magic, this kit brightens teeth by up to 8 shades (clinically proven).


I made sure to read the user instructions about ten over times, so here's how I did! I prefer to prep my whitening trays ahead first. So basically there will be 2 whitening trays, where they are meant for you to bite on them and mold them to your teeth for a better fit (hence getting better results from the LED treatment). They are made of silicon, so its fairly easy to do it!

To form the whitening trays, boil water and pour with care into a flat container (in my case, I just poured hot water in a cup), allowing to cool slightly. Using the handle tabs on the whitening trays, I place the trays into the hot water for 5-7 seconds, allowing the silicon tray to soften up.

When it softens, that's your cue to remove it from the water! Remember to wait for a few seconds before placing it into your mouth because you wouldn't want to risk burning your gums. After which, I just bit onto the whitening trap and used my fingers to make sure that it fitted better around my bite. It softens and hardens pretty fast, so don't worry if you didn't get the hang of it! Because you can always dip it back into hot water and re-mold it accordingly. 


Included in the kit is also 5 of these pre-treatment swabs. To use, gently push the base of the swab towards the tip to dispense the pre-treatment gel. Using circular motions, lightly scrub the gel onto teeth to be whitened for 3-5 seconds. Don't rinse.

With just 5 of these swabs for 9 applications, I just used half of these swabs to make sure it would last me for 9 applications. Therefore it was just a really light coat on my teeth, with a little minty taste to it like how toothpaste does.


With the trays prepared prior-hand, it's now time to fill them with the whitening gel! The whitening gel that comes with the Popsmile Whitening Kit are made of 99% natural ingredients and are peroxide-free, so they are a safe option when it comes to DIY teeth whitening at home.

Replace the sealed cap for the whitening gel with the dispenser cap, and dispense 0.5ml of the peroxide-free whitening gel onto the whitening tray. Each syringe of the whitening gel will be able to last you for 3 applications.

After which, I just took a scissors and snipped off the handle of my whitening tray before placing it in my mouth. That will allow for you to place the LED light infront of your teeth for the next step!


Yay this is my favourite part! All that's remaining is to place the LED device in front of your teeth, and press the button on the device to activate the LED light. 10 minutes is all you need, where you just need to remove the LED device and trays thereafter, and rinse your mouth and trays with lukewarm water.

The result?

Here it is! I'm pretty sure it went up by at least 4 shades!! But do also note that results vary from individuals to another, so it may work even better for you. 


Apart from the whitening kit, there are 2 bonus items that comes included in Pop Smile's Ultimate Kit. One of which is this teeth whitening pen! It is meant for occasions when you just had coffee or curry for lunch and you need give a dazzling smile for a hot date at night... (No I'm just kidding, you can use this anytime that you feel like you need a whitening boost on your teeth).

To use, twist one end of the pen to dispense the peroxide-free whitening gel (it will dispense onto the brush) and brush a thin layer on to teeth. All you need to do is wait for 60 seconds before rinsing your mouth with lukewarm water.

Perfect for anytime (because all you need is just 1 minute) for that quick touch up on your smile.


If you are always on the go, this travelling pouch that's included in Pop Smile's Ultimate Kit is going to come in very handy. With the recommended application for the teeth whitening to be daily usage for 9 applications (that means 9 days), I find the pouch way more portable than the kit box itself.

The pouch looks small on its own but it was able to fit the entire content of the teeth whitening kit! That allows me to do my teeth whitening on to go, be it whether I'm at home or at the office. Personally I would prefer doing it at the office because all I need to do is dispense the gel onto my tray, and 10 minutes with the LED device in my mouth while I work on my laptop (because I will always be too worn out by the time I reached home hahaha).


Q: How long will 1 x Popsmile Whitening Kit last?
A: Each kit will lasts for 9 applications or 5 days. We recommend doing twice a day (morning & night) to have faster results.
Q: How much is the Popsmile Whitening Kit?
A: Pop Smile has 2 different kits. One being a Starter Kit (USD 59.99), and Ultimate Kit (USD 89.99) priced at.

Q: What are the differences between the Starter Kit and Ultimate Kit?
A: The Ultimate Kit comes with the bonus Teeth Whitening Pen together with a Travel Kit.

Q: Where can I get the PopSmile kit? Is it only via the website? And if so, how long will the delivery takes? 
A: Popsmile kits are only available via Popsmile's website, you can click here to access directly to get yours. Delivery takes about a week.

Q: What if I already got the teeth whitening kit, and I would like to repeat the process after 3 months? Do I still have to purchase a full kit again?
A: You can just get individual replacements for the swabs and syringes from the website, so keep
your mouth trays for future use ;)

- I hope this answers most of your queries! If not, you can also leave a question on the comments below this post! - 

Lastly, thank you Pop Smile for the chance to try out the Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit!
#popsmile #behappysmilebright
This is a sponsored advertorial courtesy of Pop Smile. While the products are sponsored, all views and opinions are my own.