Sunday, November 9, 2014

Enroute Cebu and Bohol Islands

IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES  Been keeping this as a secret for some time now.. and it's crazy how I'm right on the way to the airport enroute to Cebu and Bohol Islands for the next 4 days with special thanks and arrangement made by Omy, Philippines Tourism and SilkAir! Am rushing to catch my flight now so I don't have much time to explain the details... but I'll be back! Been missing Philippines a lot after my Boracay trip and now I'm back to explore another part of the beautiful island. Can't wait!

I won't be doing much blogging while on the trip BUT, I'll be updating my instagram (@justjaslin) everywhere on the go because I'll be having unlimited data.. hehe. Follow me on instagramins here!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pastel Nails @ Candilicious Nails

Pictures by KJ
COTTON CANDY   Had a new set of nails done with Shanice (owner of Candilicious Nails) last week and they are super duper adorableee! Don't you think so? It's like having all the colors of a rainbow on my nails and I get to look at them every day hehe. Went all pastel this time round - albeit a little bit different from my usual choice, but I lovee it.

Opting for short as I'm picking up guitar this time round (hoolah, I have a guitar at home!) and god knows how am I going to manage the strings.. my nails are still a little bit too long for it. I guess this is the only drawback to picking up guitar because I have to forgo all the length that I used to like. Anyway, more about guitar next time!

Looking at my nails just makes me feel happy.. Though it looks simple, Shanice painstakingly dotted all the different colors layer on by layer, making sure that all the colors come out equally vibrant. Finished the design with a simple ribbon! Always very pampered like a little girl while I'm over at Candilicious Nails.. and it's even heaps better when Shanice is such a funny and friendly person to chat with.

For the month of November, Shanice has also decided to open up a brand new promotion for you girls - a sweet $10 off gelish manicure!!! That means a usual single tone gelish mani is only just $25 for this month instead of $35.  Don't forget to mention the code: Jas10.  (My set is just about $65!)



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