Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kenjo Hair Salon

KENJO HAIR  Hello all! Woah it's been a pretty long while. I'm too busy as always that its so hard for me to find time sit down properly to pen a post lately..) BUT, one thing that I never forget to do is to pamper my hair (I'm too vain not to do it hahaha).

I've changed my hair salon ever since, and hence I want to introduce you guys my new hair sponsor - Kenjo hair salon! Kenjo is a Mucota concept store located at Plaza Singapura, where they are set against a sleek and modern ambiance with a combination of local and korean stylists. I mean, just look at this place.

Now tell me, how can you expect me (or anyone, in that case) not to fall in love when the whole salon is just plain gorgeous? One other main reason why I'm with Kenjo hair salon right now is because my super duper puper hair stylist Zenn Tan is right here as well!

Zenn has already been working on my hair for about two years now.. (we have declared that we are a team muahaha). The thing is, she knows my hair better than myself and most importantly she brings out the creative side to my hair. If you didn't already know... I'm an incredibly boring person by heart.. (I would go for ash brown anytime and everytime) so I always trust her to suggest something else for me. So here we go!

I'm finally back to dark roots with gradient highlights colored by flamboyage technique! Loving Zenn to death because she is best when it comes to coloring. My hair is now in a shade of dark brown (almost looks like a shade of black) and my highlights are in a gradient tone of blue, red and violet hehe. 

Here's how my highlights looks under natural sunlight! You know.. When I stepped in to office for work the next day.. I realised that zenn couldnt be better at picking colors for me because blue and red were the very core colors of my company, hahahaha. (Bet my boss must have been pretty pleased)

Zenn did a Scena MUCOTA three-step treatment for me and my goodness, trust me when I say this treatment does wonders. The whole treatment starts off with applying Mucota Scena Adel moisture base to keep necessary moisture inside my damaged hair.. while preparing my hair condition for repair. Mucota Scena Brava is the second step of the process where it contains 5 kinds of hair repair elements to nourish my hair, finished off by Mucota Scena Calore. The last step repairs the cuticle of my hair to give it a silky and shiny luster. In short, it was nothing short of magic.

I have been bleaching my hair on almost every other visit to the salon (including this visit too), but my hair just keeps getting softer and glossier than before. If you were to ask me, I would stress that treatments are very very important and i cant tell how thankful I am to have Kenjo taking care of my hair now! Thank you Kenjo for pampering my hair! 

On the left is their current SG50 promotion going on at Kenjo hair salon, which is super good! (I love SG50..... hehe) Get a free hair cut with any Omega Oil Therapy Perm.. and the first 50 callers will receive a free Hair Straightener or Hair Curler (worth $150)!

P.S. You can also mention my name Jaslin to enjoy 15% off on all ala carte services at Kenjo! (Not applicable for promotion package). Zenn's my stylist so you can look for her! 



[P.S. Mention my name to enjoy 15% off all ala carte services]

Visit Kenjo
68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Singapore 238839
Plaza Singapura (New Wing),

For Appointment Contact
 (65) 6238 8083
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun:  11.00am to 8pm (last appointment)

This is a sponsored advertorial courtesy of Kenjo Hair Salon
 While the services are sponsored, all views and opinions are my own.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Little Catch Up

Pictures by Life View Photography
HIATUS It has been a while! Where exactly should I pick things off? Just scrolled through my blog it dawned on me that I haven't been writing much about my personal happenings. (Hahaha okay cobwebs' all dusted out today). So what's up for me recently? 

Life has been going through a lot of change over the last few months. Even more so than what's on my plate compared to the last few years. It's like finding myself right in the middle of a hurricane and everything's too fast to sink in nor catch up. It's challenging, yet exciting but stressful all the same. You guys get what I'm trying to say?? In short, it has been a difficult time for me. And it still is. 

Getting out of a five-year relationship a couple of months ago hadn't been easy. It took a hell lot of courage, adjustment time to get used to, and honestly it did felt a little bit terrifying having to be out there "by yourself" again. I know many of you are very inquisitive about what happened, and are quick to jump to conclusions as to "who pulled the plug". I did. We mutually agreed that things weren't working out so we parted as friends. (Sorry to disappoint for the lack of drama hahaha)

I took up a new job two months ago - as an events planner (yes I am also equally surprised by myself) because you know.. it's a proper kind of desk job.... hahaha. Except that my work starts only at ten in the morning, with a supervisor that chases me home at six p.m. sharp, and I get the chance to access quirky places around Singapore. It's really a cool job! I must have Lady-luck smiling on me to find such a fun job with great colleagues. What more can I ask for?

And of course..... Plan B of my life begins after six where I run for my Amway meetings and appointments after work . Though it may be a little tiring when my appointment stretches late into the night.. it keeps me really happy knowing that I'm going after my dream everyday.

I'm afraid of falling into a cycle like most working adults do, where they get so cooped up with work and all that they let their dreams die. I came across a quote by Benjamin Franklin on Facebook saying how "Most people die at 25 and they aren't buried until they are 75". Honestly speaking, it is downright terrifying if you give it a second thought. These are words that hits me close. I mean, just think about it. When we lose sight of our goals and dreams; and when we drag our feet to work for the sake of a pay-check, doesn't it just sounds like committing spiritual suicide?

Ok now that's your homework. Food for thought (.......and just look at the kind of things that runs through my head now...) I am showing obvious signs of aging. Holy cat. 

Wow this post is getting lengthier than I expected. 

I actually do have a lot to say after all these months!! 

I guess the only thing that I want to lament about a desk bound job is that I'm sitting down all day at a desk.. Basically it just involves interesting anecdotes like eating and sitting and eating and sitting (and maybe some more eating and sitting). Oh my goddd. I cannot accept. Is this how people put on weight?? 

I'm going to declare that my newfound hideout is the gym!! If no one has ever said this to you before, let me tell you that a gym can be addictive..... I have never imagined myself as a gym-going-lover kind of person but it is happening now.. (See, I wasn't kidding when I said that my life is going through lots of change that I can't even fully apprehend what is happening) This doesn't makes sense. 

Guess I'll catch some sleep before I continue another time (hahahah) Goodnight 

Ending my post with a special shout out and thanks to the team behind Life View Photography! We had these pictures shot a couple of months back and I finally got around to putting them on the blog today ♥