Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kenjo Salon | Ash Brown with Violet

*Dusts off cobwebs*......... Oh there! Here is my blog..... - Guilty grin-  It's been super long!! But you guys know that I am always ever alive on Facebook.. (so I haven't disappeared actually). In fact, the only thing that haven't changed over the past few months is that I am busy as usual.., (which I don't think that is going to change anytime soon hehe.)

So some time in August (gosh its like 3 months ago already??) I went back to Kenjo salon to have my hair color touched up because all my black roots are growing out and I thought to myself that it's time to ditch black!! Ash is the new black yo.

Justin my stylist did a really superb job on my hair and I told myself that I have to blog about it no matter what. So here's a before picture before my roots got bleached away:

My dark brown hair with long black roots peeking out of my crown. To be honest I actually fancied my dark tones but it's just that the grass (I mean hair) always looks greener (nicer) on the other end of the color spectrum??

So I took a picture off Instagram and told Justin that I wanted my hair to be something ashy and brownish and pinkish. (I'm actually feel a little bit bad because I am always so abstract about things hahahaha). So here we go!!

After a long day of hard work (it was really more on Justin's part because all I did was to sit in my chair and play with my phone the entire day hahaha). But here's the end result!!!

Ash brown with Davines violet highlights all over my hair.  We had my hair bleached twice before doing the violet highlights, followed by a last step to darken my hair into a shade of ash brown. I love the ash tones so much! But as with all bleached hair,.. ash tones will only last for a week before they all get washed out. #shortlivedhappiness

Before (top) and After (below)

That's my stylist Justin!

The interesting part about ash color is that it always looks different be it indoors, outdoors, under natural light (and after every wash). So it's like having a different hair color tone everyday until the ash tones get completely washed out.  This was taken the moment I got home! Its a tone of ash-grey when taken with salon lights, then ash brown when I got home (top), and pinkish when I took under natural light the next morning! (bottom)

I love it sooo much! Thank you Kenjo for always pampering my hair to no ends. ❤ 3 months later and my color has already faded into a light tone of caramel brown. Guess I'll be making a trip back to Kenjo again soon! 


Apart from coloring, Volume Rebonding, Korean Volume Setting Perm, Digital Perm and Mucota and Olaplex Hair Treatment are some of Kenjo’s best treatments. If you girls (and guys) would also pamper your hair with a new color or a perm, do look for my stylist Justin at Kenjo!

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Artistry LED Lip Gloss Review

ARTISTRY LED LIP-GLOSS The only series of lipgloss that can ever have me sitting on the edge while waiting for it to finally launch in Singapore. I AM SO EXCITED THAT I GOT ALL 5 COLORS. (Okay now give me a minute to recompose myself a little before I go on..) So you girls probably know that I have slowly switched my entire skincare + makeup products over to Artistry over the last 1-2 years - they are sooo good because all my little pimples on my face that I can never get rid off in the past (you know, from all the countless nights of staying up to mug for exams, poor sleep and diet etc,) have all cleared up. That's why I'm switch my products over to the brand Artistry ever since.

But that's not the main point of this post. The main point is this series of LED lipglosses. What happened was that I have actually chanced upon them while surfing youtube + watching Miss America's show some time ago, and the only place I could find these LED lipglosses were in United States. (well actually they were launched in many countries already but the only place I could find with international shipping was US)

So obviously, the overly infatuated me placed an order to ship them over to Singapore. I waited eagerly for two days before receiving news that it couldn't be shipped all because it contains battery. (Now, please hear the sound of my devastated heart breaking into a million pieces.) I was so upset - it's a girly thing so guys please try to understand.

Few months down the road, I eventually got to hear the news that Artistry is launching them in Singapore this month and I WAS SUPER EXCITED! Like mega duper excited about it. The only thing I'm sad about is because they are going to be limited edition. Once it's sold out in Singapore it will no longer be available. (what if I finished mine??)

So you girls are probably thinking what's so special about it. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE ABOVE. Where else can you find a lipgloss that lights up when you apply... (how cool that will be to apply it in the cab.. in the pub.. in the movie theatre.. in dim places..)

(okay, I know it's a novelty thingy but I just can't help it ok...)

Plus it comes with a mirror on it (plus point again) so I wouldn't even need to fumble for a mirror from the assortment of things that's always in my handbag. 

The minute I got them on my hands I knew I have to blog about them.. because good things (not to mention limited-edition) are always worth a review and a share.

The color that I'm applying above is Citrus color. Among my 5 lipglosses, I played with 3 of them first to create different looks and here's how pretty they look like when applied:

My favourite one of the lot has still be the cherry red color. In my opinion red lips can be a little tricky to pull them off at times - some colors may be too dark, too intense, or overly striking - and we need to balance the eye makeup to perfect the look. But this cherry red color was just right! Bright enough without being too intense, and I find this color quite versatile for both a day and a night look.

Across this range of Artistry LED lipglosses, it gives a cool minty sensation when applied (there's mint in its flavor), and its very moisturising with a super glossy finish - that I really love because glossy lips looks even more pretty especially at night.

Color swatch of the lipglosses

Together with the eyeshadow palette that was lunched with this collection!

I like it so much!

This range of Artistry LED Lipgloss are not found on the shelves, and are only available through Amway Independent Business Owners.