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anyway guys, sorry for the late post. my keyboard had some problem and now im using the one that matthew lent me. thanks!

had been going to my house there the mac to study recently with some friends. last saturday afternoon went to the usual mac with edwin nicolette matthew and celesta to study. hehs. but i ended up slacking everywhere cause cant get myself concentrate that day. hahas. read a few pages of chemisty and then started to plan for a very last minute outing on that night.

went home first and after that went to meet up with yixia and shayna, heading to yishun park to meet u with the rest, which includes Yoong Hin, Jie Xin, Edwin, Matthew, Yi Luan, Jing Wen, Kelly, Celesta, nicolette, but didnt see ching yuk, guowei and kaixun. hahas. nvm. this year de mid autumn seems so cold. as in dont have the atmosphere one. haha. i just love the effects of light. ENJOY!

youre my source of light. (:

the dying flame.
24 September.
school's as usual, after higher chinese rushed home, bathed and hurried to meet edwin. hehs. paiseh im always late. =x anyway, walked a LONG way to matthew's house, as they say go his house study. so okkays luhhs reached about 6? not sure x)
kaixun celesta and nicolette came after that around 7, studied awhile before tt, and edwin and kaixun keep on disturb matthew. hahah. His mother treated us to Tori-Q later, which was like quite nice, and with peach tea and fruits. (: edwin tried to hitch matthew's sister which was like l-o-l.
studied amaths and hehs. some productive work as i finished my tutor's homework. came up with a conclusion : i need a change to studying environment to get me down to task. i just dont know why, i can concentrate AT ALL when im at home and i'll give in to the temptations of going to dig my fridge to see any snacks or i'll just end up using the comp, or perhaps, SLEEP :D anyway, went home tgt with celesta at 9+ as my mum's nagging through the phone.
25 September
today's feeling sleepy in school again. sorry, but i didnt mean it. i just dont know why, but hehs. paiseh narhhs. while slouching on the table i keep pondering, asking why i will get sleepy in class while some DO NOT. hmm. perhaps i just hate being confined to the place where you just look at the teacher talk talk and talk and there's nothing interesting for me to do. i prefer teachers just go straight to the point, give us the impt details straight away, rather than explaining one by one slowly, repeatedly and its making mi sleepy.
lunched with eeting and zihan and went home. met up with edwin and celesta to have dinner bfore goin to matthew's house again. took this pict while waiting. nice sky. isnt it.
anyway we missed the bus 800 and now walk a even LONGER way. my leg are aching cause my left leg had a blister on my foot and is darn pain. that's the reason why you see me in slippers today.
john lim even suspect i anyhow give excuse just to were slippers to school for FUN. and im super pissed off, talking about social studies. today during cross-marking, johann go mark me WRONG even when im correct and some questions he DIDNT EVEN MARK. im so so so PISSED up can? my whole paper get correct leh please. and i end up with no reward cause he anyhow MARKED my paper. grrs.
anyway, back to topic, at mathew's house waited for nicolette to come, and shortly after i left. hahaha. went there for only an hour? nvm. IM BORED. tmr's meeting up ms teng for dont know some survey, ( the one i mentioned before) and i feel as if like some white mice in a laboratory lab. rawwrs.
GOODNIGHT peeps. (:

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