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anyway, replies to taggs from my previous blog : white-frost.dot.blogspot.
replies may be VERY long ago. hehs. sorry about that!

agnes, eeting, cheng mun and jeffery- thanks for tagging!
SL- hmm. saw le. just something like 'seah soon lee' no more le. hahaha.(:
joanne- okkays. relinking you soon
ivy- heyhey. updated :D
mandie- geex darling, i've updated x) finally yeahs? lol. jiayous for performance tmr! hearts you loads.
noreen && sinren && nicolette- hmm? sure. linking you soon!
emi- i've updated dear :D
Mrs Sim- LOLS! yeayea. ang mo teng rocks. hahahah.
xiongxiong- WHERE'S MY GUMMY BEAR?!
benz and celesta- LINKING soon too! x) hahas.

anyway, dancers jiayou for tmr's performance!

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