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im lost.

hmm anyway, im so so so pissed up with zhou lei. ytd dont know what happened to him, and quite a few stepped onto his mines which exploded lahhs. == scold so many of us. whoever's name he know, that person sure got scolded ytd.

just stepped into ava yesterday, do warm up that time then he scold me already. first person to get scolded lol. then keep on say what i havent give his the passport size photo of the dance members to him when he like asked for it a month ago. not my fault okay! mdm yeo said she would do one. ... then he started to compare me to other chairmans in his other schools and bla bla.

halfway warm up then find so many faults in me, or rather some of us. darling got scolded too, and huiting tian yuan all not spared lahhs. heard tt he had a chat with the principal before this which made him unhappy. we are not bins for you to vent your anger. grrs. then during breaktime he suddenly call me i got a shock lo. and my whole handphone dropped to the ground. .. cause of the shock lahhs. drop two times. lol. but still okay, we were allowed to go home early. friday's the performance (:

19 sep.
hehs. i found out that mr vijay very nice. cause i can sleep during lessons! lol. cause i told him before ma, when he uses the projector to teach, i cannot focus and will tend to doze off. well, today no exception. i TRIED. i repeat, i TRIED to stay focus, but in the end. hehs. standard, i fell asleep. and he didnt awake me up afterall. xp

forgotten to bring pe shirt 3 times in a roll for 3 consecutive week. was expecting mr ng to sort of like strangle mi or something. hahahs. but he didnt! asked mi go do my stuffs at canteen can le. but he was mean also. shoo me off when i was trying to play volleyball. rawwrs.

had a practice ourselves after school at sports hall for dance. ehh anyway, guys i know some of you are sort of like unhappy cause you all were asked to dance separately in groups while others of us were watching. i also have no choice. x( but, its all for the performnce afterall right? (: im sorry if i had accidentally raised my voice. im stressed up by teachers

dont know why, i having been able to sleep well for the past week or so. i keep on having dreams every night, and when i finally woke up from it, its like 6 in the morning alrdy. time for school, but it feels like as if i had less than 15min of sleep. everyday like that can! x( nearly asked my mother to let me pon school, but she 100% wont de lahhs. no choice, dragged myself up. the prescription tt doc gave me isnt working. grr.

so what if im still affected by it?
so what.

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