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nothing out of ordinary happened in class today. hmm. just that im very SIAN for the whole day. samuel's lucky that he got small eyes == because when he just slouch on the table with one stupid pose looking that he's looking at the paper, he gets to sleep for TWO whole periods while i infront keep nodding my head off. and of couse, is ang mo teng's period. lol.

supposed to have ss remedial at 1.45 to 2.45 this afternoon. waited and waited for mr lim to come for FOURTY-FIVE minutes before he came at 2.30. cant blame his, he admitted that he's getting older and he forgot got lessons. hehs. and HE"S gonna treat us to PIZZA next week! and anyway CHIJIE got raped today :D

shot 1
shot 2. hehs. *WILLIAM"S raping him. two gays, cant expect much. hmm

and THIS :D is how i usually have my lessons. slouch on table during HMT and with mdm yeo droning on and on. blahhs.

went home to put my stuffs after school, but who knows when i went back to school, i forgot to bring out the CDs for the dance itemS. == so took a cabbie back home and back to school again. ouch my wallet have got a BIG hole. first item for us was the tibetien dance. (: and secondly, the wushu from dance group. hehs. did you see!? im the TALLEST person! :D

night view of cchy

that's all :D dancerrs, great job today!

i hate guys who are very 'sticky'.
you aint a pest, so
DONT be one.
no means no.
it will only get me
more irritated,
at those behaviour of yours.

if you think im talking about you, it may be, it may be not. use your uncommon common sense then. just like how CHANG always used his COW sense. lol

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