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im down for a survey where teacher is going to FOLLOW me around the school (perhaps during recess, and is MR LEE), listen to what topic i chat with my friends and bla bla lahhs. ...

first, he ask mi and jianwei to go out of classroom to chat with us. say got survey and they want to do portfolio of two types of students.

1). Student who is very quiet in class, very hardworking, but still results not good.
2). Student who is very active, but is very lethargic during lessons.

hehs of course, the second one applies to me lahhs. LOL. as i've said, im a STANDARD student. sleep in class derh~ ok fine. then he just said he will be following me around in school, just take him as invisible. at first he say maybe follow us back home. will SHOCK ppl de can. heng dont have. rawwrs. he's gonna stalk mi till tuesday. GOSH man.

anyways, today when returning back home i think i dropped my wallet at the interchange. walk here walk there also cannot find. make mi so anxious. my ez-link's inside! i no money make another kayys. cause lost it before. ask here and there, then finally the topup ezlink de person call me to go over. hahas. SHE"S GOT MY WALLET. omg i love her to death. hahas kidding. somebody found it and pass to her. (: geex.

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