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todays the Precfects' Graduation Ceremony for our dearest sec4s who will be leaving the family next year. well, everything was perfect, and today whole day im playing so many many sad songs. nobody cried anyway ==

PICTURES. they mean more than words. but we shall start off with

SHUHUI. i just posed for me so i took okay. xD


the 2 gays in action again
ahmad's failed attempt of trying to look emo.

i like this cactus the most =D
this very cute rights

each prefect were given a small cactus and a tee shirt with their names behind it. x)
playing with effects. lol

the whole cohort of sec4 prefects. WE WILL DEFINETELY MISS YOU :D
anyway, went to play bowling after the whole thing with the usual people, suanned jeffery the most. well, due to his request i shall not post tt pict which shows how we suaned him. lols. shuhui got deesiao by us and there's a video of it. shall i post it? LOLS
went home, and then went to edwin's hse again with celesta nicolette and khatija (opps sorry i dont know how to spell her name). manage to finish up most of my ss. hehs. today's another productive day. x) perhaps tmr gonna meet up with kaiting they all to do CME project. gosh.
to sec4s : jiayous and good luck in ur future endeavours. its hard to imagine that you guys are leaving us and we are no longer sec1s and 2s. you guys rocks and WE LOVE YOU! BUT! dont miss ME too much :D

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