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well, had been down for some survey these few days by the teachers, during the survey with ms teng i found out mi and jianwei have totally different character. LOL. totally opposite can. hahas.

but then back to the topic again, all these revealing about my inner self and my habits, my way my lifestyle are making mi feel more and more ABNORMAL. well, i have my way. and i manage to survive till today.

i dont really wanna change myself. so many teachers are trying to ask mi adapt to lessons, well that one is still okay. but today received a call, had a chat. i dont wish to change my learning style. it all worked out fine anyway. isnt it? its like everybody have their own way. i know not many people are like me, they dont like to go out study cause they find too many distractions. but to me is different. but after this survey i feel so out of the norm. contradictive yea? nvm i dont know how to put it through. anyway dont worry about me, i know who im mixing with.

i have my reasons for not staying at home to study. i just dont wish to talk about it. haha (:

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