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you just gave me a cold shoulder, without asking anything. okkay, i did admit that my tone was abit harsh, i may have hurt him by what i said and by how straightfoward i was.

but. if i havent gone straight to the point, would he have known? i tried to do so by trying out other ways, but in the end its all futile. i dont want to give him any false hope. since the moment you told me about it, i've told you my decision.. im sorry, i know i've hurt him, but its like, i have to be cruel to be kind.

its been two days. after what i said, after what he told you as well, you've been giving me the cold shoulder. its not like you dont know me well.. just that, once i made a decision, its hard to change.

to that you, i apologise for those harsh comment. i knew i hurt you, but i hope you understand. im not used to the intense silence. im someone not worth it, someone not as innocent as you thought.

anyway, about jenin's matter, maybe its time i should tell you why she said ''she drift away from youm cause she dont want your stead to misunderstand'' something like tt. due to the fact that its not about me but about jenin and her privacy, look for me. i'll tell you on msn or somehing to explain. DONT jump to conclusions.

anyway, brother always (:

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