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alright im back here blogging. hmm. received back my results, thou i improved,but it wasnt alot i guess. i only got one A. gosh.

well, all of us got promoted to sec4H o8! hees. im counting down to the day of O lvl chinese, til tt time then can i really relax lol. and ytd the relief teacher was like treating us as prisoners like tt. wan go find teacher also cannot. grrs. nvm. i have loads of chinese homework, with the list of holidays homework tt i received ytd. rawwrs. alot alot!!

today mum came back form the salon and gave me a shock. == she went to dye her hair red-orange. lols. luckily is quite dark those kind. lols. going to bugis again with mum later on. hee i wan get my skinnie. x)

and there's something which i wanna say. i dont want to get into a relationship now yea? hee.


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