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Early in the morning of monday met up with the rest at 9pm, yishun. i was the first to reach kay! dont always say me late. hee. headed with the rest of 13 ppl - celesta, nicolette, germain, anne, jiexin, yoonghin, edwin, kaixun, thomas, matthew, chinyuk, roger, samuel ;D left anybody out? almost all the TTT ppl? haha!

hahas. first time went with such a big group of people. reach harbourfront about 10 like that, ate abit at the nearby coffeeshop and headed for sentosa by monorail. well, the guys brought those juggling clubs, volleyballs and etc, while the girls help them took lots of photos. == hahah

reach sentosa around 10+ or 11, played all the way till 4+ or 5, and i must say, the guys very hao4 se4! LOL. later see the picts and you will know why. hahas. everybody was sunburnt, i was the worst among the girls despite puting sunbloack. jiexin got burned into charcoal lols! cause he FELL ASLEEP there on the beach two times. one time on his back while the other on his front. hahah.

dinnered at vivo, walked around that toyRus and we headed home. hee. (:

picts are abit blurred thou. sorry!

thew took this out when he saw a policeman
compare the size of the gun! haha engrossed in PSP ?
== taken with a poster at B1 of vivo

germain doesnt looks willing to take pict with yukyuk! LOLS


what is Jiexin doing?
yukyuk wad are you doing? no toilet here!
kx emo, got kicked by germain's leg. haha!
a GREEN monorail
and we were saying yuk could blend into surroundings. HAHA


i know tis is so not like me. x)
PG rated!

down pumping!
they tried to catch these two japanese girls' attention and finally went up to them for photo. xD

yuk & thew
yuk and yoonghin
the TWO babes! where's CELESTA?!

haha. this ultra cute.
thew emo at corner. LOL

i got darker ==

we used a trolley to dump all our bags in as our shoulders are SOO PAIN!

& this is edwin

caught in action- bully cel


MI LU HUA! not Mi Lu Bing!
group photo!
thew got redder!
not to mention, me as well. you could see mi in school, face red as tomato. LOL!
well, i spent hours on this post as well. from 10.40 till the time now which is 12.22 == gosh. HCL LESSONS ARE BORING!
DO LEAVE ME A TAG! allright? ;D

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