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anyway, its abit lag thou. paiseh! and ohya, better minimise the volume. its loud. haha

hahaha. this is the video mi and shuhui was talking about. lols! i shall repeat what happened tt time. it was about shuhui going to bowl that time the guys suddenly shouted show's name like xiao zhu, then alot lahhs. lols. made mi and shuhui keep on laughing but shuhui was affected more. and then i was like saying ''whey! also affect me can~!' hahas.

hmm, you've gotta tilt your necks. hahas.

hmm. today chinese paper no time finish, 20 marks like fly away. dont be too surprised to see me failing chinese. i tried my best =/ anyways, ytd went out study, met quite a few ppl like jingwen zixian yiluan kaixun jiahon and others. hahas. so coincidence. amaths' FINALLY over x)

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