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hahas. remember this? the times when we always tried to sabo peoples' names down and then hide it somewhere in one of the drawers. LOLS. memories. perhaps im affect by the graduation ceremony for the seniors and i finally realised we are all turning sec4s. and of course, BULLY JUNIORS~! *hehs

lessons as usual. actually wanna make a visit to TTS hospital to visit my bro. he had some unknown blood problem which causes the temp of his blood to rise, but stragely, he had no fever. due to no known causes, he had to stay back for observation for a day and got discharged this morning. lol. HEYYS im a CARING SIS okkay. xD

went home as usual, and did abit of maths. got real lot to go on but now im starting to plan what to do after examinations. LOLS. replies to tags,

chinping and jesny- LINKKED.
mao- hahas. ask the teachers, not us lols. EOYs give project ==
SL-heyhey. JIAYOUUS. (:
eric- LOLS. of course i took it with u unknowing it. hahas. really ma. shuhui also said its gay. HAHA!

anyway, HAPPY CHILDRENS' DAY! i wonder when is grandparents day so i can suan more people. xp

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