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hahas. decided to come to blog first before my debt for this blog accumulates up and taddaas. very soon migh bcome dead blog. lol.

today got back the papers, failed geog, last in class for chinese(as expected), and im most sastisfied with my amaths. :D ok luhh. consider i got a grade of E8 for my Amaths in th first semester? hahas. but eventually my overall got pulled down to 68, B3 ==
im happy xD
the forever childlike ppl in class- TIMON and DEREK. playing catch in classroom when others are gone for break
during PE forgot to bring pe shirt(again) and hence went to surjuno's room play. LOL. me shiyun and kaiting transformed the voodoo doll to this. hahas xD
after pe, met up with nicolette, celesta, kaixun and roger. went to the 900+ coffee shop have lunch, ice cream at Macs. accompanied cel to the police station due to a bunch of brainless spammers who spammed her blog, and homed. (:
still a holiday for us, and hence decided to go kaixun house play again. hahas. but this time more ppl came, got me, nicolette, matthew, jiexin, edwin and kelly. did i leave out anyone? hahas. his mum's cooking skills were great, played a few rounds of MJ and i lost this time. lol. before going to leave the guys got abit == lols. see for yourself!
wad's thew trying to do?

playing with a toy gun. HAHS. TTT!
getting serious?
zoom in this i bet you'll laugh. see jiexin's face. HAHA. so pei4 he
BENG? but see jiexin's and thew's face. LOL. picts got abit blur, sorry. hehs
Replies to TAGS
CELESTA- hahah. LOL. 2nd time i play lose quite alot too! MJ
ZIXIAN- lols. thanks for tagging!
EMILY- hahas. you are sabo-ed cause youre my dear! x)
EDWIN- LOLS. god man. SPARE ME with your songs. gosh. can faint le
CELESTA- hahas. kaixun told me he told you. eeyers
KAIXUN- rawwrs. wait you spam then shall i go police? LOLS. kidding narhh xD
ROGER- hmm. we play easy songs, not not frequently midnight. hahas. YOU SO PRO can. o2jam. lol

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