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hahas. back to blogging. have been out for lunch with the sec4 peeps after school. lols. yesterday went to town (again) with them again! hahas. but this time went to far east plaza first before going to bugis. hees.

this was the pict taken last week when we are heading home from bugis. hahas. the guys are in gal's position and vice versa. got jiexin, edwin, kaixun, chinyuk, germain, me, nicolette and not to forget the photgrapher CELESTA!

went out with a big group of people again, now with anne, samuel, kaixun, jiexin, matthew, celesta, nicolette, and another guy. god i forgot his name. =x the one who look like a malay. LOL. paiseh! total 9 of us =D
some of them went to this shop bought some stuffs for monday. hehs. thats tmr- the sentosa trip. xD i bought myself some belts. hee

at raffles place mrt
failed attempt. someone deesiaoed
jiexin, shawn and kaixun.

LOL. see thew's head. haha!
bully jiexin!
HEAD of TTT! thew thew tong!
surrounded by fann? LOL
picts at bugis underground

hmm. when we leaft far east, heading for bugis, saw a car accident. hahas. it happened at a road junction, where the car was coming out, and the truck didnt even bother to give way, then *crash~! lols. see the bumper of the car? lunckily no one was injured. (:
hahas. we saw the number plate and massed sms to parents to buy 4D!
shopped at bugis till 6+, dinnered at pastamania again. hahahs. headed home, while me cel and jiexin accompanioed nicolette to northpoint to eat mac cause her mum last minute ask her to settle dinner. as there's nothing to do, jiexin started to play with whatever there was. lols.

he was playing with the serviets, tearing it until. == lols. cel help him put around his neck. haha! jiexin's COLLECTIONS

next up, with the STRAW! together with the receipt
and then he started playing with the fries' paper
here's the story : the Man ran away from Mac fries!
story: and i dont understand why it chose to ran with the dustbin
story: with the Man gone, Mac is now running away, leaving the paper behind. == LOL
okkay now trying to use the sause as glue and stick the paper tgt?

and his another creation of mahjong's (wu tong)
and lastly, the VASE. LOL
celesta got very high for a moment and 3 of us was like looking at her with =.= face. HAHS. =x after that then homed le. (:
allright, intended to rot at home today playing my games. hahas. i shall be a good person today, accompanied kaixun go find jiexin to take the reformat cd since he comp got infected with dont know how many hundreds of virus ==
went to chong pang, but who knows jiexin ccalled and say he wont be ready cause he still downloading the thing. oh well, so headed to causeway walk walk. while heading back that time saw shiyun, william, jervis, deyi, timothy. LOL. went up to them and gave them a 'BOOX!' hahas. startled shiyun thou =x
went to safra play bowling with them, and of course, pangseh-ed kaixun. paiseh! hahahs. shiyun was good at it. thou its her first time playing. hees. I WON JERVIS by ONE point! LOL. met mandie darling there too. hees.
at evening went out to eat with dad, bro and his gf. hahas. my dad was kinda funny when inez called back to ask who was it when i smsed her earlier on. LOLS.
nvm, shant blog much. tmr SENTOSA! and i spent hours trying to blog all these picts. im tired. GOODNIGHT PEOPLE.
*anyway, its not good to frown.
wear a SMILE on you guys FACE! xD

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