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hmm nothing to blog about actually, and my O lvls chinese are just looming about the horizon. its just NEXT WEDNESDAY? gosh. its hard to keep up with the class, esp with my standard still being one of the last in class. i wonder if i will be able to secure an 'A'

god man. this whole week of school, practically from the first lesson till last lesson of the day we are having CHINESE for lessons, while my other classmates are ENJOYING every single bit of their time. imagine teacher today, just gave us 7 essay topics for us to write on. ahh~

could say im fully packed for the holidays, and moreover our holiday doesnt start till 9 of october, which means half a month more to go. two weeks extension programme. gosh

#1. after two weeks extension, it will be the dance camp. and we have to rush out a dance tee.
#2. after dance camp im meeting up with my study group to rush homework (if im self disciplined enough)
#3. very soon after the third week of november, i'll be heading to Taiwan for one whole week. (hehs. im going visit those night markets and ximenting AGAIN!)
#4. when i come back we will be kept occupied with seemingly never ending dance practices
#5. perhaps making another genting trip
#6. SHOPPING! hehs. sinful indulges of mine.

there's something which im wishing or is yearning to do
-take up guitar lessons
-i wanna LEARN jap and french language.

but, it seems kinda impossible. the words that my mum throw back to me are always - next time when you grow up ==

im going to be a SEC4 student soon!!!! 4H'08 <3

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