Friday, October 12, 2007

hmm. last minute decided to went out with nicolette to bugis. anyway edwin, there was a miscommunication. == paisehhs.

walked around bugis and went to eat. omg i wan a skinny jeans. hahas. ate the the foodcourt, and chinping joined us. since me and nicolette alrdy walk finish bugis le. so we decided to go to far east plaza. mode of transport is BUS 11. LOL. in case those who dont understand, we walked ffrom bugis to orchard where far east plaza is.

out National Library (:
taste of class.
St Joseph Institue :D
prettaye models outside it yea? LOL
underground tunnel leading to wisma atria. ISNT IT COOL? how about comparing it to yishun's. lols

practically window shopped and we saw patricia mok as well. she's tall man. perhaps its because of her heels? hees. just bought some bangles at the end of the day, dinnered at food republic and homed (:

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