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im back to BLOG :D

today went over to kaxun's house to play mahjong. hahas. but got woken up by nicolette's call. LOL. i thought it was 10 but is already 12noon. lols so rushed out, lunch at macs and went to kaixun's house le.

well, his parents are quite humourous. loll. and we got abit tensed up when playin with his sister. i very long never play le ma. then at first keep losing. lols but behind i won quite alot. :D second winner of the day. kaixun won cause got his sister help him play! hahas. anyway, IM NOT QUIET! lol

went home at 6+ and bought some straws from giftland. hees cure my boredom at home, not a bad idea. dinnered at foodcourt and went home.

heehee. going to bugis again tmr, with germain and nicolette and cel, and others lahhs. (: yea im going to get my psp. passed it to my cousin's cousin to upgrade it and my mum gave me money to buy a 4GB memory stick for it. hehs. xD IM HAPPY TODAY! and im going sentosa on tuesday. finally~ hmm but im looking for people to go swimming. hmm

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