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im DAMN DAMN DAMN ANGRY with my IDIOTIC brother and my mum.

once got home today from sentosa, the first thing when i stepped into house was to hear her SCREAMING away at me. what. BIG DEAL ar. just because i got sunburnt?! please luh. go sentosa purpose is to get sunburnt. ask me bring umbrella.

okkay. dampened my mood enough, just screamed at her say 'i RATHER NOT COME HOME' slammed my room door, played some games. now is my that IDIOTIC bro starting to disturb me. mum asked him about some programming stuffs, i and DONT UNDERSTAND WHY he CHOSE to use MY comp to install the programme and teacch her how to use when HE himself have his OWN COMP. obviously enough, he doesnt wans my mum to use his comp next time and tts why used MINE.

come in my room already made me pissed off, started to meddle with my things and then i YELLED back at him. TOUCH WHAT TOUCH LA. then still find those old fueds to complain to mum. say only teach my mum about some simple stuffs, which took up my whole of my half and HOUR. damned.

sorry, im VERY ANGRY. i wanted to lash it out all here before i get more irritated and somemore, im at msn, and may even scold them. lol =x anyway, dont even try telling my bro about what i written here. hmm fine now. sentosa will be bloggin at a later time (:

you call this a HOME?
i call it a rented flat wherre i just spent my nights at.

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