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im totally pissed off.

how sure are you to say that whatever i say, whatever i do im refering to myself?
how sure are you that i've got hatred within me?
how sure are you that what im doing is to get back at him?

how sure are you that ive changed?
how sure are you that im a sadist as what you called?
how sure are you?

and moreover, you need a good wake up call.
its not i wan to sound so harsh and straight forward.
but are you able to get this in?

i said NO. means no.
no chance.
get it?
what's the point of you dwelling in it?
no point trying to be what there for me silently all these.
i dont take a damn for that.
i have to be cruel to be kind. ok?

i dont wan a stalker.
you've totally changed.
change into someone that im scared of.
your actions are making me feel weird, and i dont find it comforable in the least way.

everybody would think they have matured. including you of course.
look back to your actions.
everything you did.
which of those things are no kidish?

another thing i want to wake you up to, is that this is the society. not in the world of anime or comics.
im not as innocent as what you think okay?
neither do you have to try play hero or whatever.
trying to become everybody's emotional bin or what.
can you differentiate the real world from anime?

all i can say is, im pissed off by what you did.
to others, you may think that i seem harsh. but. i have my reasons to put it this way.
its getting to my limit.
stop those actions.

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