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just came back from school. (:

well yesterday evening went to BK at GV to study. hahahs. to my surprise, they were quite ALOT of cchy de people there. haha. went to meet up with nicolette and celesta, saw people like wenjie, jadrien, shaun, wenbin and alot others lahhs. but dont know their names. lols.

okkay i lost my wallet yesterday (again). found out when i reached BK. == and i lost my wallet last thursday can. hahas. its like not even 7 days and i lost it twice. hahas. at first went back to where i walked past but cant find. interchange passenger service centre also no reports of any wallets. well so i went to study luh.

left BK around 9 and went back interchange ask again. yippes. found x) i think i dropped in on the bus and the bus driver returned it. :D hehs. im lucky!

anyways, love my malay neighbours cause they are always decorating the corridors till so nice where there are special events.

yishun's going for UPGRADING! but estimaed time is 5years. lol. new houses and whole new shopping complex mall :D

anyway guys, sorry if i had replied you abruptly these few days over the msn. cause im REALLY busy. == my status also put busy le ma. exams tmr and i've got so much to mug for. hope you guys understand. its so irritating to keep on walk over to the comp halfway when im engrossed in my studies right? (: if i put busy you better dont talk to me. hehs. xD

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