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today went to bugis again. lols but this time with nicolette celesta GERMAIN kaixun edwin jiexin and chingyuk. lols. as it was raining, we went to seiyu walk walk before going to eat at PastaMania. lol
time for kid's SCHOOL BAG and SWIMMING TRUNKS. LOLS hahas. we were walking at OG after bugis street and simlim square, and then chingyuk went over to pose beside this guy. LOLS
finally upgraded my psp and got my memory card. hees. THANKS to chunyaw. :D played around till 6+ or 7+ we headed home. celesta fell asleep halfway. hees. nothing much to post about too. hees. anyway, edwin and chinyuk's '3 duo3 hua1' (3 flowers) songs can kill people de can!
next outing - TTT outing? LOLS!

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