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today went to my uncle house for my cousin, kailing's, birthday party. hahas. shall not elbaorate more, pict speaks more than words. met so many people that i have not seen for quite a while hees. my cousin's cousins. LOL

her BARNEY birthday cake
the birthday girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAILING

making a wish
aint she cute? :D
cutting of cake
got quite bored and we started to play poker cards with my bro his gf and my uncle lahhs. LOL. and this is the amount i won at the end of the day from playing 21 pointer. i only like used 20cents as stake and TADDAS. LOL

this i made one okkays. a dog. my bro's one he make it till it looked like a GIRAFFE instead. LOL.

anyway, happy birthday to ZHIYAN too (:

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