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well, decided to blog on something after contemplating over it for quite a while. this post most of you maybe would not understand. hees. then dont read ba~ LOL

anyway, it all ended. we are not getting P.A.-ed anymore. after going one big round, it all ended. perhaps, even the same way too. i woke up in the morning to see her display nick. she's feeling terribly upset, a feeling that i cant put through words. i was a onlooker in this case. i saw things on the clear side of view; my case, though it was the same, yet i cant see through. we all knew it so clearly, yet sometimes.. everything just turned to hate.

we were told, it was the best for us. i understood her case, but not mine. we knew it wasnt a lie, but somehow.. we felt cheated. fooled. thoroughly. regardless of the time, it left a scar there. something that cannot be undone; something that only time can heal. shant not elaborate anymore, but we came to a conclusion- guys from PA are all the same. from the start till the ending. is there any difference?

anyways, STAY STRONG my dear.=D i'll always be there for you. if you need a shoulder, just tell me and i'll gladly lend you. its tough to get through. i know and i understand. (: but rmb, there's aint just one guy in the whole universe. (:

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