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say goodbyes to BK
say goodbyes to my BOOKS.

hahah. practically whole of this week i was constantly mugging at BURGER KING for everyday and i was there for like between 4 to 7 hours. == and worst thing is to have BK for meals. god man. hahahs. muggers are nicolette celesta and many many others :D

i would say BK nearly turned into a place for cchy muggers. those who went there would know. most of the time around 5/7 of the people there were from cchy. funny thing is, sec2 studies in the afternoon, sec3 study there at night. LOL.

koped their straws and made stars cause im too bored. haha. i even fell asleep there yesterday. lol

last sunday, instead of staying at home to mug for BIO, i went to BUGIS to eat seoul gardens. hehs. of course, it was my brother's treat tt why we went and the bill came up to $88 for 3 of us. lol.

my bro and his gf.

took this out of boredom. lols. im gonna jam this few days during midnight! who niterested in midnight jam? =x

randoms (:
(: this one credits partly to xinlin.

hmm anyways im going out ltr, most probably. CYA guys. :D

we've mug hard, lets play hard. WE GOT A LONG WEEKEND TO GO!

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