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alrights im back here to post ;D hahahs. well, today physics spa, made a mess out of it cause i was CARELESS! == hmms nvm. hahahs. today the green club people got some new caps to wear during their trip to sentosa to plant trees, and some of us borrowed from them and camwhored. (: hahahs.

anyways, went to eat pizza hut with shiyun dear and kenrick, i felt like such a BIG and BRIGHTT LAMPOST can! didnt wanted to go, but shiyun keep on insisting. == lols. rushed home around 3, bathed and quickly came out again, to go eat dinner with the prefects and celebrate glenn's birthday as well. ((:

hees. today there were 14 of us, glenn, eric, inez, ms wong, william, shaun, jeffrey, hakern(opps issit this spelling?), anna, xinlai, peixuan duncan and qiguang. and of course me! hahas. ms wong brought us to some teochew restaurant. hahas. and i was super high today. LOL. keep on do funny funny stuffs with glenn and eric. haha! the best part was the waiter one. ''this is your meNU'' LOLS. maybe you all dont understand, but those who went should know ba. HAHA. sent the 3 of us down there laughing like dont know what. lols~

after dinner, went down to paragon as some of them wanted to get their adapter for the taiwan trip, and after that just homed. gee. shall let the picts do the talking.


kaiting, and eeting
deardear and me!

eeting and me!today's hot topic: TENGTENG PICTURE AS DESKTOP BACKGROUND! (whoops!)
at orchard. ((:
wongwong and YI NA!
unwrapping the present..

who's the real PCK?
this is the meNU!
just some paintings (:

he was trying to act like a girl. LOLS

and hence, i shall end my post. hee. ITS HOLIDAYS~!

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