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alrights. im back from the dance camp! hee. can say its pretty tiring and fun? hmm. shanlt go much into details anyway. on the first night we celebrate tien's birthday right at 12mid, and she got a small shock i suppose? hees. but she's always on the phone! lols. anyway, the first day was kelly laogong's bdae!

anyway 2nd day each had their own dance under respective teachers. while waiting for the sec1s to pai their dance, we all sec3 so sian lahhs. hahas. and emily tou pai me. of course, i also tou pai alot ppl lahs. haha! was quite tired, and after lunch i slept at the sports hall for 2hrs plus lahhs. haha! cause that night cant get to sleep.

2nd night played a few games like wacko, squirrel forest all these. hahas. had dance competition as well. haha. ama and tien went crazy after that. LOLS. around 10.30 like that the guys came back from media breif tgt with some PA people. hahah. jiangda was keeping us entertained with those funny funny stories. hee. at least its not as boring as previous night =/

3rd day woke up, did some cleaning up, debrief-ed and homed. ((; happy belated birthday to tien and kelly anyway! x)

the 8 ingredients for 'SECRET CODE' hahaha


sec2s having their dance. (:
emily tou pai.
looks emo? i shall edit it to look more emo LOL.
everone was sso sian

and this sy was like zhong se qing you the whole camp. wahaha!

had so many calls during night until 2+ and pangsehed me for 4 hours when she ask me to pei her. lols!

much love.
going crazy
look at tien and ama's hair. LOLS
playing wacko

having dance later again. sigh. bored.
and im thinking should i privatise my blog anot. due to some stuffs happening and i think im revealing too much about my stuffs online till people start sourcing me up.
should i? or should i not.
give some comments? hee thanks

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