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hahas. today went to town again with nicolette, germain celesta edwin mathhew kaixun and jiexin (: at first went to bugis, shopped here and there, the 3 girls got their bags, (& it was the same) lol and i got myself a watch. boohoos. my mum doesnt let me buy much cause she say wan buy then go taiwan buy. grr.

ate at kfc, walked around and then headed for suntec. at first went to toysRus to play, dined at foodcourt and went to the fountain of wealth to play before heading home on 857 (: and anyways, from the picts taken i found out its jiexin and edwin who entertained us most of the times. LOL.
EMOpanda at the corner
the elmo's so cute on his hat! LOL

see lahhs. play til elmo die le ):

edwin was like doing some body check on jiexin. hah!

edwin challenge jiexin to a run around the fountain of wealth. lols~
and he's trying to imitade how we all do warm up for dance. haha
aww she's dead
some sumo fighting going on eh?

picts abit blurred due to moving bus. hehs. anyway, germain's going hongkong tmr. BON VOYAGE!

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