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hmm. ytd went back for mr low's dance. mainly flips and etc, and i found out one major thing. i've been training the wrong muscle of my left leg until now and i only know about it ytd when laoshi tell me when he help me to ban1 tui3 all these. rawrrs. and now i have to train it back. grrs!

anyways, met up with gor after that to teach him how play rubiks cube and homed ((: hees. trend now huhs?

woke up this morning to go school discuss some sec1 camp matters and homed. == waste time. rawwrs. my beauty sleep! nvms. met up with shiyun later on. she wanted to come my house here do colour de hair extension ma. actually dont want do de. but then in the end she keep on ask me do do do then ok luhs. hahas.
I LIKE THE BLUE! although its not obvious lahs. but somehow just caught my eyes. didnt wanted my mum to know one. cause she say i turning ahlian. but in the end i told her luh. lucky she just nagged. hee. i just did one only okays xD and its the HOLIDAYS!
raining so heavily in the morning
deardear did chilli-red. ((: it looks better when you see her bah. haha! my camera cant really bring out the colour. hees
mine's not really obvious. hees. but i like it x)) yays its the same as inez's! xD

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