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i've straightened/'rebonded' my hair.

alrights. im back here blogging. today had dance til 4, was late and got scolded by zhoulei. lol. met up with cel and nic to go cut hair. well, i intend go straighten one lahhs, as in those which stay temporary ones. but who knows the auntie suggest i might as well do her sort of 'rebonding' which stays as a natural look. so i just gave it a try. cost me 50 bucks. oh well. the pict doesnt shows much differece. haha! just hope i wont get a scolding from inez. hahas. hmm, nic and cel just had a haircut. layered their hair. nic looks diff with straight hair xD

anyways, ytd slacked at home whole day, intended tomeet up with jiahon go study at 200+ here mac, in the end went to chong pang mac to meet up with TTT ppl! haha. studied till around 8+ or 9 before my mum phoned me to go help her cause she forget to bring her wallet back home. no choice, so walked back with edwin and jiahon. (:

im going overseas or rather to taiwan tmr! miss me alrights?
hahas. i'll be back on 26th nov! and my flight departure time is at 7.30 which means i have to reach there at 5.30 and even give ppl morning call at 3.30 in the morning. doubt im going sleep anyways. haha. do leave me a comment! x) bye people

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