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rahhs. im back. ytd spent the whole day doing spring cleaning, went to eat dinner with mum at chongpang an went to meet up jiahon at northpoint. who knows zixian gor at chongpang still cutting his hair, thn the both of us waalk over meet him luhs. chatted awhile and i had to leave early. oh wells. sian-ed. no choice luh. jh sent me home and tadas. end of boring day.

hmm today actually went to PA for the anyhow art prac. since the juniors also going for chingay prac and my prac is after tt, decided to tag along as well. who knows mi, winnie and mandy are just late for 5mins like that, the school bus never even wait for us so we had to take a cab down. grrs.

so sian lahhs. waiting for time to pass while they having their chingay prac. left me and shiyun deardear down thr slack. after chingay prac they tell us no anyhow art prac today. rawwrs! waste my time! == dinnered at 900+ there de coffee shop and homed.

and and and, i have nowhere to go tmr! bored.

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