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seems emo yeahs? hahas. ehh seldom one kays.
alrights, enough of my crap, im back here to blog before im off to my camp! hahahs. well ther's also nothing much to blog about anyways. went for anyhow art practices. could say its pretty fun today. haha! interesting yeas. dinnered at prata shop with shiyun deardear and took 853 home. i was kept busy till now. grrs.

well, i went to pa with shiyun and kenrick, and im a VERY VERY BRIGHT lighbulb again for the third day! actually wanted to make my way down alone can le, but sy insisted i join them. so weird luhs. they so funny. talk also must sms. ==


hahaha. k lahhs. night peeps. i'll be back on wednesday! miss me? hees. anyway, do leave a tag at my tagboard yea? x)

cant you feel it?
cant you sense it?
IM HAPPY in everyway (((:

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