taiwan trip

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hah! i took a few days to finish this long post. whahah. well i shall cut short everything.

slept for around 1hr+ before waking up to reach changi airport by 5.30.
trip was about 4hours to reach taiwan.
lunched and headed to a hello kitty dream mall where there's a big hello kitty feris wheel.
free time at night before heading back to hotel around 10.30.
hehs. i was late for the breifing and got suaned the next day. ==

woke up and went to Yang Ming Junior High School.
haha. their school is like dont know how many times of us. ==
very hospitable to us and even performed a few items for us.
their choir group was nice.
group with other 3 girls from taiwan and we learnt how to make some egg tarts?
hmm. anyway its nice.
lunched at their school and their people are like super curious to us.
and we seemed like as if we are some sort of animals in a zoo. ==
we left, proceed to a temple, went to a night market and then to LoveRiver [AiHe]
went back to hotel and played poker in weiqi's room and 7 of us squeezed into one room for the night.

i like my name which is in fan2 ti3 zi4. the card holder one. xD

viv and me
and this taste super nice. xD

checked out of our hotal in gaoshiung,
headed to fwu shang high school. a school by the countryside.
had some sort of buddy system, toured around the school and had their so called nutritious meal?
staying around for 2hr+ and we left. and something super hilarious happened which i shant elaborate. (:
headed for taiwan afterwards, and the trip was like 4hr+ on the bus.
when about to reach taipei ma.
theres a toilet break and that place is VERY windy. haha
wenjie dont believe ma.
then the moment he got off the bus, his CAP FLEWWWWW until underneath another bus and he had to crawl underneath to get it. HAHA
the funnier thing is that 'Sucidal Tendencies' was written on his cap.
i guess it was trying to commit suicide. ;D
went to shilin nightmarket first i guess,
shopped awhile before we had our dinner.
checked into the hotel at taipei and we are super unsastisfied with it. grrs.

went to the zhong zheng ji nian tang,
and then proceeded to another place which seems like the URA of singapore.
went to Taipei 101
and then to another shopping mall, took their ferriswheel again.
the night view of taipei is superb,
went to show's shop which is super DUA PAI and we scolded the person in charge of that shop in the face ;D
went to ximending shopshop before heading back to hotel again.

hongquan, sean, hakim

TADAA. the DUA PAI shop ;D
went to
saw a couple cap which is super cute,
headed for yehliu and lunched there.
scenery there is very nice xD
hahas. with the feeling of waves rushing up the rocks and everything. ;D
all pictures were taken in the rain okay! xD
just nice met up with eric glenn they all. they went there for the du shu1 hui4 thingy. hahas.
headed to the yu ren ma tou [fisherman's wharf]
there were 2 horses there for ppl to take picts as well.
dinnered at some weird place before going back to hotel
and we went to ximending to continue our shopping. hee

[ying1 nu3 huang2 tou2]

leaving fisherman's wharf
went to the residence of taiwan's ex president.
it looks more like a botanic garden to me ==
headed for the airport,
lunched on plane
and touched down on sg around 6.30
hahas was shocked to see jiahon and zixian at the airport there as well.
hahas thanks for coming anyway!
dinnered at mac with mum, my bro and his gf before we headed hhome.

this trip was a fruitful one.
knew better about people like guanrong, weiqi hakim sean hongquan lijun wenlin samatha yanling weikiat and others lahhs.
now there's a project to rush. gosh. god bless me?
well on wednesday, planned to go work, which is to distribute flyers.
we sacked the boss in the end who made us waste SO MUCH OF our time. rawwrs
very fedup with them.
so in the end went to have breakfast with her at kfc, and went to watch ENCHANTED.
hey its NICE!! very cute. haha
i wanna watch again. lols.~
okays. BYEBYE ppl.
your long awaited post of mine? hee.

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