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well, today had a Downtown Trail field trip, went to different places like the URA building, CBD at raffles, CHIJMES i think. did i left out any places? well, its a VERY LONG trip i must say. during the 2nd place alot ppl were very restless le. including me, of course. brought my rubiks cube out to cure my boredom, in the end its mr lee who's playing all along. LOLS! well, PICTS BELOW (:

at the URA building

Raffles Place

skyscrapers. (:

at CHIJMES i think. ((:

the Door Of Hope (:

well, not much, was very tired after all these, and i wonder how come the tour guide can speak so long. == lol. returned school, still had dance which was like even more tiring. had alot of admin stuffs to settle. gawhhs. im tired tired tired. ate at mac after dance, homed, and i fell asleep straight away when i got home. ==

wahahas. i got a sudden urge to finish all my homework at one go.

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