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yays. i can finally solve the rubiks cube myself! xD hee. anyway, this morning chem spa, should be alrights bahhs. i still remember how busy i was during today in the wee hours of the morning. multi-tasking. LOL. nvm i dont think you guys understand. hahas.

during chem spa, got stuck there for a moment. chem calculations were my most lethal points, and i dont know how to do! lol. so just think about how the other worksheet, how we got the results. although completely different experiment lahhs. i just dont care and YAYS. it worked! ;D

well, mr chang was very nice to us. ;D bought us a whole tin of LOLIPOPS! xD hehs. then around each person got 3. LOL. and was idling around during amaths lesson. eng was a killer, and of course i fell asleep without her noticing me. hahah.

well, today during mr lee de physics lesson he ask me dont play my rubiks cube. ok luh. i put away. i DID listened to his lesson, and when i ask a question, he just say 'wa you finally woke up' he didnt even answer my question. forget it. now i finally know why singaporeans are too quiet. be it meetings or whatever, say that we are too shy to raise something. but the thing is, we asked, but ends up perhaps with somehting sacarstic? fine, i shall just shut up and be a dumb during physics lesson.

and today my pencil case are left with no pens to use. firstly, dropped my blue pen during chem spa, pissed me off aready, then who knows i dropped my black pen during english lesson, no choice lahhs. during physics lesson left with the pathetic only green pen or rather the last pen i can find in my pencil case, who knows it also DROP on floor! gosh. those refils were newly bought. grrs. day spoilt just like that.

after school met up with ama darling and others, went to check out something for the camp, and me and darl then headed to tampines mall after that just to pay the remaining 2nd deposit for the dance tee. just for that. its quite a long trip luhs. and we were complaining sian all the way. hee. walked around century square as well, homed (:

it was till ytd when i realised how much it could affect me.
sorry gor, didnt met it.

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