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YO! im back to blogging! hehs. and im PROUD to announce the CL O lvls papers are over!!! finallly holidays yea? x)

anyway, wasnt blogging for the past few days as nothing much really happened anyways. and i found out that there's nth much to do when im online. hehs. anyway, for the past few evenings or nights, have been out studying at BK or rather at void deck with the usual sec4 peeps, and went to roger's hse play mahjong and to see his sister during one of the weekdays.

saw germain darling was badly sunburnt. recover well and fast kays! x)

hmm. today had my O lvl Biology Spa, and i screwed it up, be it experimental skills, plotting of graph and conclusion, i had a small mistake in each area and in which ms tang saw it everytime. grr. i thought it was class test but who knows... == oh well. hope it isnt too bad thou. ms tang got angry with whole class. hahah.

my life is finally back in its own place. hahah. xD nobody is to mess it up again (((:

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