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alrights! its time to blog. hahas. ITS CHRISTMAS EVE!
hmm. woke up quite early in e morning, went to sunplaza to bu a gift box around 10+ in the morning.
bought lunch on e way and went home. halfway realised e present abit empty so went out again to buy some wrappers. hahas.
came back again, and waited for baby's sms to tell me he reached home before i could go over.
AND THEN. i realised i forgot to go temple. ==
my mum told me to go huan2 tai4 sui4, and i nearly clean forgotten about it. gosh.
rushed over to the temple, and then rush over to baby's house. and in e morning i went to so many places!

passed e gift to baby, and he gave me a bag of cookies!
hahas baby was working on it the whole morning! just for me. hehs. <3
well we cabbed down to amk hub to catch 'Alvin and the Chipmunks'
THEODORE's so cute! haha
after movie jiu went over to kaixun hse.
so many ppl thr. haha. played e comp awhile. [my o2jam's rusty!]
and then we had dinner, his mum cooked de i think. it tasted nice!
and baby and daryl was like competing e vodka. ==
hahas. 1st cup raw, baby drank it while daryl one he mixed with peach tea.
and daryl become seh seh abt. so hilarious lahs! becoming LOBSTER!
and then, since uncle offered him another cup, baby drank 2 cups vodka raw. and then also abit seh seh. haha.

had one round of mahjong, played aorund, and left around 10.45 ba.
went over to baby house to get my cookie and he sent me home. hahas.
so worried lahs. he like can faint anytime like that, and even went to meet up with zixian elvis they all. tsk. must takecare ar. oh well, pictures!
cute rights! i got this for baby. and it got music de okay!

haha. baby's working hard on it!x3

nic and me

baby. (:
germain, nic, kaixun, and MY HAND!

the EMOSTERS! black!
baby, edwin
me, nic, baby
sweet uhs. =x LOL
welcome, the MI LU HUA!
kaixun, baby
e cookie.

and it spells my name. (:

and merry xmas to all! x33

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