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alrights, im here back to CRAP again! hahas.

well, ytd first thing in morning was to go paragon fetch my mum.
everything was fine i guess. xp
cabbed home, and i cant go town again.
rahhs. due to my stupid bro go attend some wedding,
and i have to stay at home tc mum.
slacked around at home till night.
baby accompanied me to northpoint to get some stuffs.
finished buying my stuffs around 9,
but i reached home around 10+ or 11.
lols. cause its still early, so we just go walk around yishun nor.
and nearly got attacked by a cat. LOL. kidding na. x)
baby sent me home, stayed outside my house here chat awhile before he went to find ruting.


gawhhs. i woke up late today, and had to cabb down to school. =/ feeling too rich huh jaslin. LOL.
today really put in effort during e basics and everything okay~
still have to run here run there run everywh find something. hahas.
and im always craving for coke from macs! =p
kfc-ed for lunch, bought my xmas xchange gift and went back for another round of dance.
e sec1s are just so cute. LOl
anyway darling, dont care about him okays.
he just have high expectations. practice good enough and make him have nothing to say. x)
jiayou jiayous!

after dance accompanied my sy deardear go chongpang.
she wanted to do pedicure. ((:
but too bad she wore sneakers, and no choice have to go find a slipper.
since we have to wait, so just go find nor.
ong i can tell you we walk up and down chongpang. LOL.
two different shoe shops are at different corners of c.p.,
one north, one south. and deardear was like trying to find a nice one so we keep on going both shops. hahas.
but anyway, by e time we reach back that shop, stil have to wait. by the time deardear finished,
its already like 7+ le. so decided to say goodbye to my own medicure.
dont feel like doing anymore. hahas!

alrights that's for the day!
BBQs BBQs && more BBQs!
one tmr, one on sat. xd
im free on thursday friday and sundays!
anybody jio me out? xD

wordy post. hehs.
but these words i'll never forget to say,
baby i love you!

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