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hahas. its time i should be back blogging. ;D lols. since xmas is coming soon, e post will have RED and GREEN! LOL. ==

on thursday went to clarrie's ahma house to do some baking before me and shiyun go down to PA for Anyhow Art practice. hhaha. the cookies taste nice ;D hehs.
at that point of time it tasted like some sort of FamousAmos one. haha! =x
and TRIED to make some candy.
but failed attempt, decided to just sprinkle mint candy on top. ;D
camwhored awhile before we left.

At PA, jiahon and zixian came over since they had nothing better to do i guess. [opps!]
haha no lah kidding.
sorry guys, made u wait for hours?
lol. practice till around 10 or 10+, dinnered at prata house and cabbed homed. ;D

clarrie's sis. ;D [she LOOKS LIKE MY OWN COUSIN!]

well on saturday, supposedly was the day of Anyhow Art, but i never go. hehs
went to my primary school gathering instead,
and never went to watch the performance. sorry shayna!
well, the gathering was at yiyin's house,
%% her house is like so god god god BIG can! including basement means got 4 storeys, with swimming pool and everything. omg!
okay thats not the main thing. hees.
memories just keep flooding back,
those days we had in school. pretty much of those interesting moments and remembering names. LOL.
played some games as well, and had BBQ. hee.
but sadly, i forgot to take pict with my bestie sylvia. hahas. nvm we have chance!

those who went included: xinying sylvia baolin ruting mingkai josiah louis kangkiat royston benjamin and sihao! did i miss anyone out? hehs

basement : syl singing karaoke as forfeit in game. LOL

view of living room from second floor

xinying! <3 color="#ff0000">anyway, this morning i woke up so so so early at 11+ can. cause i slept at around 7.30am. LOL.
planned to go vivo watch movie with some peeps but
on my way out, e girls put me aeroplane and so i let e guys sit aeroplane as well. LOL
meaning is,

well since zixian and jiahon at timezone, went to find them.
lols wasted 20bucks on one machine but
didnt brought us any luck nor happiness. LOL~
slacked at mac, walk walk around and me and zx
MET MR LEE && MR THONG. while jh has a call
omg. i think mr lee is getting wrong idea again.
nvm~ haha.
well, rained heavily whole day, and i homed as well.

well im at a lost at
what to conclude anws.
just to say,
i doubt it will be soon =/

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