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hahas. suddenly had e inspiration to draw, so ytd midnight started to draw a pict. haha. original piece is in e previous post. (:
e final piece!


oh mans. yesterday it just started with a flu. and it got WORSE when i woke up. now with a very sore throat. gosh
hurts like hell with each attempt to swallow something. ><

well, today finally got my swensens treat from chenghowe. haha.
my childcare de mate who always got bullied by me and sunshine. *hehs.
since i was sick, i didnt make a very big hole in his pocket okay! xD
help him save money. [see im so kind xD ]
i had a 'Mango Madness' which was like ultra sweet. lol. is nice anyway x)

came back, and slept again before my flu gets worse. and i forgot to buy strepsils. >< rahhs!
baby went out today, and im missing him loads.

obviously is i tou pai one. && he looked like some sort of PAI NANG [baddie] in this pict. LOL. anyway, thanks buddy!

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