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hmm. today early morning went to school at 10,
but mr ng was late so everything start only at 11.20.
no time management.
tsk. LOL.
was very sian,
you can even see me playing with my reflection.
well, just a meeting about next yr de sec1 camp.
wasnt listening throughout, and just kept nodding my head.
LOL. well, thought can go home early,
who knows songrong print out 3 whole list prefect names
ask us make phone calls to tell them come next day,
and junhong and songrong disappeared.
left me and shuhui
making whole list of calls. zz

went to bugis after that to celebrate samuel's birthday with other sec4 peeps. well, i shall upload e picts later or what ba. im waiting for cel's pict. haha xD so shall upload all at one go. ((:


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