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hmm. i received a new yr greeting sms from faban, which part of it wrote -
-have you finished what you wanted to accomplish during your stay in 2007? have you made e best out of it?

haha. it set me pondering, and i suddenly feel like summarising up e whole yr of 2007.
i had laughters, tears, and everything including times when i was unhappy (:
and guys, i strongly encourage not to
look down cause its a wordy post. nothing interesting ;D you may proceed to the next post below! ;D e words are in grey, cause i dowan much attention on it (:

looking back, i realised that this was e year when i had a biggest change in myself. including my character, my outer appearance, and most importantly, in my thinkings.
i rmb e times whn i broke down in school. when e class wasnt appreciative of all e pains i took to make e class tees, e times when i knew my sfy results, e times when ms teng lashed at me, e times when i would cry cause of my family, and times when i was traumatised.

*i had a special fren right at e start. but i guess now she's gone.
*& i also rmb the four of us[me, inez, shuhui, jenin] keep having quarrels with each other =p
and weekiat was always e middleman. haaha.
*&& not forgetting those greeat darlinqs who were always beside me. they do brighten up my day [:
*i had a few guys in and out of my life, with some i say i was too blind.
*i made alot more frens. through studying. haha.
*we made our form teacher mr lee cry. we felt guilty anws
*chalets, camps, bbqs and everything were much cherished!

i learnt to love myself (:
i learnt to cherish people.
i learnt to take things astride.
i learnt to be truthful to my emotions.
i learnt how to take criticisms.
i learnt how to let things go.
i learnt not to judge a book by its cover. ppl are so fake =/
but most importantly,
i learnt to BE HAPPY [;

say goodbye to 2007!
and i made a wish for 2008.
my main strive is to get a single digit for O lvls. jiayous girl (:

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