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i got home yesterday around 11+
guessed e reason mum didnt scream this time was because of this!!
i got my edusave Eagles awards! xD
but oh wells, it still have to be banked in.

baby came over my block here and we went to amk hub.
promised to accompany him go watch 'Enchanted'
bought e movie tix before edwin asked us to go town.
hence met up with edwin and nicolette,
and at town kaixun && yoketing joined us.
walked till around 6 before we left, and im tempted by stuffs at far east again.
and ohya, we went to find zixian gor at taka!

went down to amk hub again.
was late for awhile. hahas.
watched till 8+, dinnered at MOS
walked around amk and amk park before baby sent me home as well.

OMG there's so many movies out now!
but too bad im busy for next week.
some pre-xmas shopping, BBQs and of course, my movies. HAHA.
saddening enough, dance practice will be on.

hmm. tmr mum's going for 'Lasik Surgery'
its some eye surgery,
where after e surgery she doesnt have to wear specs anymore.
kinda worried as there's much complications if not taken care of.
shall go Paragon to fetch her tmr. =x
hehs. i guess she needs my SHADES! xD


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