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i like e one below more! xD


hmm. met up with germain darling and we went to bugis on a shopping sppree!
met up with her at yishun mrt, and she gave me a heart necklace which was very cute! hahas
thanks ger! walked bugis street, found e stuffs that we both wanted.
i bought one dress, one white tanktop and a black shoulderbag for school!
haha. xd
after that went to bugis junction walk, find jiemin as well,
and we homed around 4+.

met up with baby at northpoint, actually wanted to walk around de.
but suddenly felt sleepy. hehs so baby accompanied me home. paiseh! =p

alrights. went to find baby in e morning to pei him go back school for his lion dance. (:
but halfway i have to leave around 2+, cause needa help edwin with his routine and stuffs.
met up with jiexin and edwin at 200+ mac here.
they started some practice at e Nee Soon East Courtyard
while i went to find germain and pass her something.
she gave me a skirt which fits me perfectly. thanks girl! and her haircut was great. xD

went back to find edwin they all, helped him with his routine and stuffs
before everything was done. it started to drizzle so we packed our things.
jiexin headed home while edwin went to play bball with ryan. so i tagged along since baby was coming later.
after that went to e community club de cafe have some food before baby pei me home since i had tuition. had to be home last minute. =/

alrights, and here i am BLOGGING. :D

& all i wanted to say is,
you are LOVED x)
dont worry too much yeas. x3

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