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my baby. (:
i didnt knew my handphone could actually stand like this. haha
i WAN this for my school shoe!
haha. this was e pict that baby ask me to draw. xD its a wallpaper of e theme, hence no clear picture of it. paiseh!

still drawing..
and TADDAS! with all e shadings, blending and etc. haha. nice ma?
got chen jiu gan leh! and i wanna go laminate it. LOL. any comments pls? ;D
&& i realised, all my inspiratons came during e night. haha.

alright i shall blog in point form. ;D too long a day
*met up with derek william and sy at 10am, took 169 to kaiting hse for PHYSICS project.
*did powerpoint slides and etc. ate at her home.
*slacked awhile, and its time for some VIDEOS!

*we dressed up weirdly. more weird e better. of course, ransacked kt's wardrobe.
*william looked like some Saudi Arabia person in e end.
*had a fun time thou. laugh til i got stomachaches =/
*more like playing. LOL. dinnered at her hse.

*left her hse and wet to meet baby at yishun.
*accompanied elvis and yoketing to chongpang
*&& baby sent me home. (:

lunch time!
derek was trying out her QIPAO. omg
tadaas! sy's outfit. LOL
contented smiles on dressing WEIRDLY. haha
kaiting, shiyun. look how we dress. xD
me e simplest thou!
LOOK AT DEREK'S outfit man. GIRl or BOY? haha.
helping william dress part 1
helping william dress part2. LOL
final! haha. william looked like some sort of saudi arabia king. HAHA
and of course, e main part im not gonna reveal anything until e project is presented. haha. (:

and taddas! we left e hse. xD


*slept at 6am, woke up late. went to kaiting hse myself. heh.
*but before that they were slacking at nearby playground to wait for kt finish her breakfast.
*william and derek did somethingg funny again [but i didnt have e pict. sry!]
*went her hse, complete those loose strings of e project.
*went to eat ampang yong tau fu. tastes nice ;D

*left early myself to meet baby, edwin, daryl and nicolette, since they were practicing at e courtyard near my hse thr
*and there were 2 little boys playing with us. LOL. and we keep on cheat them. haha
*dinnered at kfc. xchanged gifts with zixian gor ;D [ i love e present! thanks!]
*went back get my books, and out to study at BK with cel, nic, edwin and daryl.

*had a big quarrel with mum at night because i said i wan go out countdown
*result- TIO GROUNDED. gosh.
*pissed me totally, and i spent my time drawing e unicorn ;D



kfc ;D
and this was from zx gor. CUTE right~
tigger is cute ;D x3

TODAY! -new year eve [:
*tio grounded, but dont care. still went out.
*lousy planning for e day. alot ppl back out. grrs.
*went amk with nic, edwin, daryl, kaixun, chingyuk, & matthew. ;D
*lunched at pizza hut. bills came up to total of $119.35.
*service charge alone is already $10+. god!

*walked around hub, me and edwin homed first while others went bugis street.
*edwin wasnt feeling well. i tio grounded, had to go home early to avoid suspicion. LOL
*slacked around whole day, and here im blogging. TADDAS ;D

*a few hours later its gonna be 2008.
and sorry guys if i never replied your greeting. =/ bills. heh
& im counting down at home with ME, ME, and ME myself. ):

&&im still in e holiday-ing mood. rahs. i WAN A NEW SEAT IN CLASS!
alright. enough of my whining. hee. BYEBYE

alright i admit i was kind of disappointed when i heard tt thou.
*8 letters, 3 words, 1 simple meaning.
and thats all that i wanna tell you,
baby i love you ;D

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