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notice where e signs are pointing! e pit 7-17. LOL

notice e different colour of e sky!

it drizzled halfway. LOLS
and my pegg ah bu became quite high ltr. lols!

my babe always, germain!

hmms. matching pants and shoes!
deardear seems happy! haha

pamela and cyn!
muackx! dont be envious that ger let me kiss~

alrights. met up with emily yoketing mandy and sy at woodlands.
took 966 down, and we had to walk so so so long to reach e pit.
walk for about 2hours, and i smsed baby said im about to cry. LOL

missed those seniors badly. haha.
helped around with e bqq, and went to e breakwater there with sy.
chit chatted all these, took photos with many of them!
haha. had a xmas gift xchange, and everything ended around 7+.
cabbed down to bedok with sophia and suxian, and headed down to town to find baby and gor. (:

at town met up with gor and yuting.
baby and i soon left and we walked down to plaza sing. and we really walked e whole of PS.
was really too tired for that day and wanted to go home early.
not a cab in sight! no choice, took a train home.

and i love baby loads. x3

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