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oh wells. im in the suddenly-feel-like-blogging mood. ;D hahah. you guys should be happy that i blogged again. LOLS! anyways, today had a party over at my house here, celebrating my mum, my bro and hios gf bdae which is on 2th(today), 8th and 6th dec respectively. lol. alot of people came over. and i knew only my cousins all these. all my bro de fren dont know. HAHA
and i got something to say. MY COUSINS sure DO LIKE to take PICTURES! haha. was dragging me to tke pict with them whole day, and even went neoprint shop. lols. exaggerating?
and i found out that they find my octopus very itriguing. == play with it whole day and do all sorts of funny funny things. esp damien. omg i feel like they are tryiing to ze2 mo2 my octopus. LOL
bro fren stayed till night for dinner, which means i got myself busy all e way from 8am in morning till 9pm at night and i finally got to bathed at 11. hahah. at e end of e day my bro got loads of red packets which sums up like to a few hundred. ==
anyway, PICTS for the day!

the egg that 'laughed' till it cracked. LOL. i suddenly rmb humpty dumpty. LOL

sweet ehhs

me jeanie daph. and idiot damien's head was behind me.
he's trying to KISS it. omg
and i forgot, this is damien

trying out some effects, partly credited to amanda darl. those words. haha hope you dont mind =p

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