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this post, i also dont know where i should start from.
mixed emotions within me.
as i read those, it really pains me.. perhaps you've just treated me as one of your fair-weathered friends,
or rather, just a mere human being who just happens to walk past your life.
i dont know how to face you, or rather, i dont wanna face you.
everything is different. we both do sense it.
youre someone whom i always hold dear to my heart. but i guess.. you never did.
i've never given up on this friendship. neither do i want to lose it.
those times where we used to be so close. but..
all's been erased from your memory.. you wont be able to rmb it.
but all i do wan to say is,

i do cherish you,
and youre one of my dearest friend,
whom its hard to come by for me.

anyway guys, i guess most of you wont be able to understand this post, but please dont come up to ask me about it. dont feel like elaborating it much further either.

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