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well, today's a DRAMATIC day.

hmm. met up with baby around 2 and headed to yishun mrt
to meet up with edwin ruting ad yoketing. went town (:
but at somerset they pangseh-ed us! lol.
hence me and baby walked around town,
went to far east to collect my cap, and we left soon.
i went to meet up with my frens for prefects bbq while baby had a relative dinner at pasir ris. hee.

met up with jeffrey at sunplaza, went to buy some remaining stuffs for bbq
and met up with e rest. we were late in e end at sembawang park,
and some people got agitated. ==
some angmohs claimed that they have booked our pit and dont wan to go away when we showed them our proof. the fact. hehs. our RECEIPT!
they aske us to wait for their fren to come back settle, but who knows,
god chose to rain at this time. hehs. drama starts from here. ...

and it was super un-glam for me. drenched in e rain, jeans was went till my knee!
no choice, from our shelther, we each one by one go to e bustop.
wet weather programme was to go jeff hse there bbq.
its SUPER cold i tell you. i was wearing a bare-backed top anyway.

at one time, i felt so much at a lost luhhs.
and some juniors was complaining, well,
sorry! its e first tme we planned something like that.
after a LONGGG time, bus came, and we boarded, headed for jeff house.
and my slipper spoilt halfway when we were at his voideck.
gahhs. no choice, walk barefooted luhs x)

guys start e fire using a portable pit, and i borrowed songrong's slipper to go causeway buy one new one.
went back, and started bbq-ing. HEYS.
its e first time girls are BBQ-ing for e GUYS.
can you believe it? hahas. no lahs. guys help out with e charcoal at times.
i bbq-ed ALL e sausages and crabmeat okays! hahas
quite a number of people came, bbq finally started around 9. ==

left around 10.45, went to meet up with baby again.
hahas baby went to yishun mrt to find me and sent me home. (:

me and jenin!
shuhui and me!
jenin and me. hehs
its raining its raining~

FISSHBONE slipper! spolit anyways. =/
songrong's kiddish slippers! xp
and this was what i bought. ==

i think its obvious enough where i am. haha. CANDID! failed attempt oftrying to take a pict of e moon. i was walking while taking e pict. and this was e result. LOL
my cap! x) chio ba
biscuits which jenin and shuhui gave me for xmas! they taste nice ;D

i was e main bbq-er that night ok! and i got home all smelly.
and i didnt know actually smoke from e bbq thing can make my eyes go teary!
and people actually thought i cried. lols! =x
and i missed those times with my frens. nvm. school is starting soon!

and you made me cherish those times when im with you. x3

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