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alrights, drew this for edwin since he wanted it and i have nth better to do. haha
and HEYYS. im back blogging!
hahas. gonna be a long post i guess. hmms.

anyways, went to Singapore Discovery Centre on tuesdays, quite interesting though,
except to the very last part of it, where we became wandering ghost and wandered everywhere.
picture do the talking! and im lazy to type.

inside of an 'airplane'. looks so real! and may i know where's your block? haha

anyways, went back to school around 6, just to find out the whole dance item is in a mess.
shant elaborate much,
but seriously, we dancers are feeling pretty much of a feeling that we are being pushed around.
first, zhoulei dowant us and went to his own BIG company,
sent a new teacher who's fresh from china and knows little abt singapore,
and many many others lah.
custumes sucks like hell, just like a rojak where u take abit fom other costumes,
dancing 'indian' dance on cny,
pathetic number of dancers and,
we're just practically so angry, pissed off and disappointed with eveything.
lunckily i had mdm yeo to cancel it off. YAYS.

anyway, dinnered with ama darl at LJS,
si there for nearly 1hr, and we just keep on talk and talk and talk.
gees. and its been a while since we had a heart to heart talk. x33s

hmms, nothing much in school,
had another pizza treat from mr john lim. hahas.
anyway, slacke around in school with edwin kaixun and others,
actually wanted to study but ended up slacking.
partly is also to wait for baby.
he came back with elvis to practice lion dance. (:

went to chongpang to eat with them plus chinping as well,
and homed around 9+? haha.

hmms, school as usual, but today amaths profiency test which was kinda hard for me.
hmms. went home and went back school again for class deco stuffs,
and stayed till around 6.45 for it.

hehs. at least our class's more presentable now!
and im staying back tmr for the judging again.
hmms. anyways, went to chongpang again after school with baby and elvis,
walked around before me and dear met up with edwin and daryl.
haha and daryl's so funny. i wonder if he'll pon school tmr. LOL.

walked til around 8+ before i homed and here im blogging. ;D tattaas,
and anyway, the pictures below are some which i took on different days.
BUT. all except one were taken in school. hee.

&&, being random,
CHOOPS ACCUSED ME. and im super pissed off and i cant be bothered abt her. rahhs!

sighs, no more celebrations without stress. ok goodbye ppl. x)

you still didnt pick up the hint. hmms.
i wondered what got into you.
baby, your name's on my heart just like a tatoo. (:

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